Commonly Asked Questions

This article goes over common troubleshooting steps you can take when experiencing technical issues with your school and/or course.

Owner, author, and affiliate accounts

Why isn’t my product being displayed on my products page?

If your school and product are both published, but the product isn’t being displayed, please check the Visibility Settings via the Information tab for that product.

Learn more information about product visibility settings in your school.

Why does my sales page say “closed for enrollment”?

The “closed for enrollment” text displays when a Pricing block has been added to the product’s sales page, but a pricing plan hasn’t been selected to display in the block.

If you have already created a pricing option for your product:

  1. Navigate to the Pages tab for your product.
  2. Click Edit next to the sales page.
  3. Click on the Pricing block.
  4. Use the drop down menu under Select Pricing Plan to add the price(s) to the sales page.
  5. Click Publish to update your sales page.

I published my product–why is my school saying it’s offline?

Publishing a product and having your school online are managed separately within your school. You can change the status of your school at any time by going to Settings > General.

Learn more about changing your school’s online status.

When will I receive my school payout?

Payout schedules are determined by the payment gateway you are using.

  • For school’s on teachable:pay, you can set your payout schedule to daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • For school’s on the Monthly Payment Gateway, payouts are sent on the first of each month (unless it falls on a weekend or holiday).
  • For school’s on a custom payment gateway, payouts are handled directly by Stripe and/or PayPal.

For schools using teachable:pay or the Monthly Payment Gateway, please log in to contact Teachable Support for specific questions related to your account.

For school’s on a custom payment gateway, please contact Stripe or PayPal directly for assistance.

Why is my payout less than my earnings?

Your Total Sales are calculated based on the purchase price at checkout, while your Earnings are calculated after all taxes, fees, reserves, and author/affiliate payouts are subtracted.

If you are on teachable:pay, 10% of earnings are held in reserve to offset any potential student refunds or chargebacks creating a negative account balance. These reserves are paid out on a 45 day rolling basis.

Student accounts

How do I log in?

The best way to log in to a student account is by navigating to the school’s URL and clicking the Login button.

If you have a Teachable Account that has already been linked to your student account, you can also log in through

For more information, check out our guide on logging in as a student.

How do I reset my password?

To reset the password of a student account:

  1. Navigate to the school’s URL you are trying to login to.
  2. Click the Login button.
  3. Click “Forgot Password?” on the login portal and follow the prompt.
  4. An email will be delivered to the address submitted with password reset instructions.

To reset the password of a Teachable Account:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click “Forgot Password?” on the login portal and follow the prompt.
  3. An email will be delivered to the address submitted with password reset instructions.

How do I log to the iOS app?

Access to the iOS app requires a Teachable Account as a student. Learn more about accessing the app as a student.

NOTE: Schools must have Teachable Accounts enabled to make courses available on the iOS app. Learn more about making school content available on the iOS app.

I receive an “Invalid email or password” error when trying to log into the iOS app?

To access the iOS app, login with your Teachable Account. If you don’t have a Teachable Account, you can sign up for free.

I have logged in to the iOS app but I can’t see my course.

School content is only available for schools that have turned on Teachable Accounts. We recommend reaching out to the school owner directly with your request to use the iOS app by turning Teachable Accounts on.

Some schools offer the option to enroll in the school without enrolling in a specific course. Make sure you have enrolled in the course by completing your purchase/enrollment.

How do I delete a school I accidentally created?

In your school Admin area:

  1. Navigate to General > Settings.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Delete School button.

NOTE: Please note that this action is permanent. Learn more information about deleting your school or account.

How do I contact the owner of a school?

You can reach out to a school owner directly through their contact form or with the “reply to” email on emails sent from the school. 

How do I get a refund?

You can contact the school owner directly to request a refund.

Teachable is a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider for school owners to sell and distribute their own content and will defer to the discretion of the School Owner for refunds outside their refund policy.

If you don’t hear from the owner after 3 full business days, please contact Teachable Support by completing this form.

General technical troubleshooting

  • Refresh your browser to load the most recent version of the page you are viewing.
  • Update your Internet Browser if needed. For best results, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Clear your browser cache to clear stored website data.
  • Disable third-party browser extensions, as some have been known to cause interference with Teachable School sites.
  • Test your internet speed and connection.
  • Restart your computer to establish a clean slate.
  • Switch devices to see if the problem you're experiencing can be duplicated.

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