What Sets Teachable Apart From the Competition

Our goal at Teachable is to drive better student/owner experiences, build an appealing product, and provide the most dynamic and robust platform that we can. In this article, we’ll go over key features that make Teachable the best product on the market.

Sales Pages

At Teachable, we invest a ton of resources into design. As a result, it’s easy to create great sales pages using our drag-and-drop interface. Similarly, school owners can customize checkout pages for higher conversion rates.

Here are some of examples of landing pages that have been built on Teachable’s default template:

NOTE: These pages are using our default template — there are tons of amazing courses on Teachable that utilize custom code but are not showcased here.

Our sales page editor allows you to add different “blocks” that result in a unique and high-converting sales page — without having to dive into the code. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to customize your sales page to your liking.


Blocks allow you to easily add email collection fields, FAQs, and much more to your sales page.


Advanced Analytics

Teachable has in-depth analytics on a per-student, per-course, and per-video basis. These reports are much more detailed than simple generalized detail reports.

Student Reports

Reports are available for every student that takes a course. These include data such as which lectures your students have viewed, whether or not they have completed them, and a video heatmap that details how engaged your students were with your video lectures.


Course Reports

Our extensive course reports include:

  • A course completion report to see where students are dropping off:advance_analyrics_lecture_breakdwn.png
  • An analysis of how different cohorts perform through the course:cohort_breakdown.png
  • A student leaderboard that allows school owners to see how their students are performing:student_leaderboard.png
  • And a video engagement graph for the entire course curriculum:Article__Teachable_vs__Thinkific_-_Google_Docs.png

Video Reports

Video reports let school owners see how their students are engaging with video lectures. You can view engagement graphs to see where students drop off, analytics on engagement, play rate, a graph of daily plays, the number of visitors, etc.Article__Teachable_vs__Thinkific_-_Google_Docs.png

Full Site Builder

If you choose, you can completely replace your site with Teachable, as we give you the ability to:

  1. Set up a custom domain so your existing domain can point to your Teachable school.
  2. Create static pages that are not part of your courses. This can include a page of testimonials, case studies, contact information, school information, etc.
  3. Customize the homepage to be a specific course, multiple courses, a custom static page, or anything else.
  4. Add a built-in blog that allows instructors to market their course and engage with their students.

These features are all native to Teachable, and require no HTML coding experience. Your students can access your course content seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices — including through our native iOS app.

Payment Flexibility

It was important to us to offer a strong ecommerce engine designed specifically for digital products. Some of the features that we’re really proud of are:

  1. The ability to pay affiliates and authors. If you use the Monthly Payment Gateway, we handle paying your affiliates and authors. We even take care of sending them the correct tax forms at the end of the year, calculating your revenue splits, and making sure that your collaborators are paid.
  2. A powerful payment processor allowing owners to accept payments in over 130 currencies. This allows school owners from all over the world to have their course on Teachable, and courses may be priced in multiple currencies. 

In-Platform Finance and Payment Management

Teachable allows both school owners and students to manage their finances within the application. School owners are able to view detailed financial records that detail the transaction history for all course purchases, as well as see it broken down by day and month. School owners are also able to see individual student transactions.

We also use our own internal subscription service instead of relying on an external provider (like Stripe). This has given us the ability to scale our payment management, and add flexibility down the line.

Customer Support

More than anything, we at Teachable want to empower our users with the information they need to utilize our platform as a dynamic tool for online educators and entrepreneurs. This is why we're continually growing and evolving our (award-winning!) customer support team with individuals who are passionate about helping our customers through the whole process.

We're here to help! Teachable offers email support to all our users from 10AM to 6PM, 7 days a week.


On an average day, Teachable instructors sell around $225,000 worth of courses and add 15,000 new students. This is why 200 new instructors join Teachable on a daily basis!

Teachable has also raised close to $5m from top-tier investors in Silicon Valley, which has enabled us to aggressively invest in building an amazing team based in New York. We’ve also used that capital for a strong product development budget, so we can continue to bring you new features to improve your online course business. For more information, check out our blog.

Miscellaneous Teachable Features

  • Webhooks post important events like lecture completions, course enrollment, and course completions to any endpoint of your choice. This allows users to built their own integrations, as well as use Zapier, which directly connects with most tools.
  • Editable email templates allow school owners to customize every single email that is sent out through Teachable. This includes every bit of markup.
  • Advanced drip features allow school owners to see how far students have progressed (i.e. which students have access to which lessons). You can also override drip for any student, so you can give specific students access to whatever content you would like. Most importantly, Teachable allows school owners to customize each email sent when a module is released, allowing for the creation of full-featured email courses.
  • Native comments allows users to comment with the same student profile that they use for the course. Teachable also supports nested comments.
  • myTeachable allows owners to manage several schools from a single account. You can also enable myTeachable accounts for your school users, so they can easily join your school and other myTeachable-enabled schools without the hassle of creating a brand-new account every time.

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