Duplicate or Delete a Course

In this article, you’ll learn why and how you can duplicate or delete a course. 

NOTE: Courses that have been bundled (parent or child) cannot be duplicated once bundled.

Duplicating a Course

There are a few reasons why you may want to duplicate a course. The most common one is if you want to put one course into multiple bundles. Although each individual course can only be bundled once, you can bypass this by creating an identical course via duplicating and putting that one in the second bundle. (However, note that courses cannot be duplicated if they’re already bundled, so duplicate the first course before adding it to a bundle.)

Another possible reason is if you want to make a course with slight variations (e.g. a different language or extra content), you can save time by simply duplicating the course content and making your adjustments from there.

The option to duplicate a course can be found in the Information area of that course. Scroll down to the bottom and locate the Duplicate area.

duplicate course

Simply click the Duplicate Course button, and all course content (except for student enrollment records) will be duplicated into another course.

Once the course has been duplicated, it will appear in the Courses section of the admin area. The duplicate will be denoted with a number in the title (.e.g., (1) Learn how to Use Teachable). You can modify the name of the duplicated course in the Information area of the course admin. 

Deleting a Course

Whether you created a course by accident, have released a 2.0 version and want to get rid of the old one, or simply have a course that’s outlived its usefulness, deleting a course is easy.

The option to delete a course can be found in the Information area of that course. Scroll down near the bottom and locate the Delete area.

delete course permanently

Be very sure that you’ve downloaded any content that you want to keep because once you click Delete Course Permanently, there’s no undoing it.


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