Using myTeachable: Guide for Students

If you’ve recently enrolled in a school and been asked to create a myTeachable account, you may be wondering what exactly that means—and why some Teachable-powered schools require one while others don’t. This guide will explain how to use a myTeachable account as a student.

What Are myTeachable Accounts?

myTeachable accounts are a way to make your user experience more simple and efficient. Before, students had to create a brand-new account every time they wanted to take a course on a different Teachable-powered school, which was frustrating and time-consuming (and confused password manager tools).

The solution to that problem is myTeachable accounts, which make it easy to enroll in any myTeachable-enabled school with just one or two clicks. If you already have a myTeachable account, that’s all you’ll need to continue on a myTeachable-enabled school: no new accounts necessary. You can enroll in as many courses as you like, and be able to access them all from your central dashboard at

Students are also able to securely store their credit card information on myTeachable. This expedites the checkout process for courses on myTeachable-enabled schools as students will not have to reenter their credit card information.

Understanding myTeachable-Enabled Schools

If you’re a student in several courses across multiple Teachable-powered schools, you may have noticed that some allow you to use your myTeachable account, while others require you to create a new account usable on their school only. This is the case because enabling myTeachable account logins for school users is up to the discretion of each individual school owner.

School owners can choose to enable myTeachable for their users at any time, so don’t be surprised if you log in one day and are asked to continue with your myTeachable account (picture below) when previously it was not enabled on that school. As long as the school account and myTeachable account use the same email address, you should be automatically recognized.


Creating a myTeachable Student Account

If you don’t currently have a myTeachable account, there are three basic ways to get one:

Option A: Enroll as a new student on a myTeachable-enabled school. You’ll automatically start out with a myTeachable account when you sign up for that school.

Option B: Log in as normal on a school you’re already enrolled in that has recently enabled myTeachable. You’ll go through a short process like this, where you’ll log in to the school as you normally do:


Then you’ll see a pop-up modal like this:

myTeachable popup

When you click Create a myTeachable Account, your previous account will be automatically converted into a myTeachable account, with no extra effort on your part.

NOTE: If you had already created a myTeachable account under a different email address, you can click I have an existing myTeachable Account to log in with that one.

Option C: Sign up for an account directly by going to Simply follow this link and you'll be taken straight to the page where you can sign up for an account.

Storing Your Payment Information on myTeachable

Whenever a student purchases a course from a school powered by Teachable, there is a checkbox to save the inputted credit card information (located in the Payment Information section of the course's Checkout Page). 


If the student elects to save their card information for future purchases, their card will be saved to their myTeachable account. From that point forward, anytime the student purchases a course they will have the option to choose from one of their saved cards. 


If you're a student, you can access your billing information from your myTeachable profile. After you log in to your myTeachable account, click the Billing tab on the lefthand side.


In the Billing page of your myTeachable profile, you'll see the following information:

  1. Schools I Own - a list of schools where you are designated as an owner. Clicking the Manage Billing link for a school will take you to your school's billing area.
  2. Schools I'm Enrolled In - a list of schools in which you are a student. Clicking the Manage Subscriptions link takes you to your Edit Subscriptions page. The dropdown menu lets you choose which card will be charged for subscription/payment plan payments.
  3. Stored Credit Cards - a list of credit cards that are stored on your myTeachable account. Clicking the ellipses icon for a card gives you the option to remove the card or make it the default card. Whichever card you designate as your default will automatically have its information loaded when you're purchasing a course on a new school. Clicking Add A New Card will open a modal where you can enter the information of the card you'd like to add.myT_billingpage.png

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