Add and Rearrange Page Blocks

This article goes over how to add, rearrange, and delete blocks from homepages, sales pages, thank you pages, and custom pages in your school.


On Teachable, school owners can add blocks to build their homepages, sales pages, thank you pages, and custom pages. These blocks can also be rearranged and deleted.

Adding Blocks

To add a new block, hover your cursor between existing blocks until a grey Insert new block button appears. Click on the Insert new block button and then select what kind of block you’d like to add. The block will then be inserted in between the existing blocks. admin-insert-new-block.gif

Rearranging Blocks

Once you’ve added blocks to your page, you can rearrange them by clicking and dragging individual blocks above or below existing blocks:rearranging-blocks.gif

Deleting Blocks

To delete a block, click the red trash icon on the right-hand side of a block.delete-block.png

A notification box will appear. Click OK to delete the block.delete-block-confirmation.png


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