Custom Domains

By default, schools are connected to a default Teachable subdomain. On the Basic plan and up, you can connect a custom domain. This article goes over the basic steps for connecting a custom domain to your school.

Connect a Custom Domain

While the specifics differ depending on your domain host, there are five basic steps that are necessary for connecting a custom domain to your Teachable school:

  1. Purchase a domain from a domain registrar (e.g., GoDaddy, Wordpress, BlueHost, etc.).
  2. Add the domain to the Site > Domains section of your school admin.
  3. If necessary, edit your domain's nameservers to change your DNS settings.
  4. Create a CNAME record that points your custom domain to your school.
  5. Verify the domain in the Domains section of your school admin. 
  6. Set the domain as your school’s primary domain.

CAUTION: If your school is using a custom domain, you will not be able to downgrade to the Free plan until you delete your school’s custom domain(s).

Domain Registrar Specific Guides

Most domain hosts do not allow you to edit the CNAME records of a domain at the root level. However, you can use a free service that enables you to edit a domain's CNAME at the root level, called Cloudflare. Take a look at these domain registrar specific guides that walk through the process:

If there is no specific guide for the domain registrar that you're using, refer to our guide on setting up a custom domain with Cloudflare:

NOTE: Specific procedures—such as changing your domain's nameservers—may look different depending on your domain host. We recommend contacting your domain host for more detailed instructions on connecting your domain to your school.

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