How Does Teachable Handle Multiple Affiliate Attribution?

School owners can have multiple affiliates driving students towards courses. This article goes over how multiple affiliates within a school are credited for student enrollments.

Understanding Cookies and the Cookie Period

"Cookies" can be used to prepare customized webpages or to save user information. When a user is driven to a Teachable school using an affiliate link, a cookie is stored within their browser that lets Teachable know that the student and affiliate are linked.

A “cookie period” refers to the lifespan of a cookie. A cookie is created when a user clicks an affiliate link, regardless of whether or not they purchase the course. This cookie is valid for the cookie period (as determined by the school owner), or until the user's browser cache is cleared. In practical terms, this means that even if someone clicks an affiliate’s link, leaves the site, and returns to purchase later — the sale will still be counted towards the affiliate (as long as the user is on the same device and browser, and has not cleared their cache).

Affiliate Flowchart


For more details, take a look at the scenarios below.

Scenario 1: Student Enrolls in Courses Through a Single Affiliate

When a student creates a new account through an affiliate link, that student account will be permanently associated with the affiliate. This is in addition to the cookie that was created when the student first clicked the affiliate link. 

As a result, any purchase made by the student will be associated with the affiliate. Even if the cookie expires, or a different device and browser are used, purchase credit will go towards the affiliate.

NOTE: Affiliates that drive students towards a free course will still be credited for any future course purchase within the school.

Scenario 2: Student Enrolls in Multiple Courses Through Multiple Affiliates

If a student purchases a separate course within the same school through a different affiliate, the credit for the purchase will go towards the new affiliate. For example, if a student initially creates an account through Affiliate A, but then purchases a different course within the same school through Affiliate B—credit for the purchase will go towards Affiliate B.

An important thing to note is that for the duration of the cookie period, any purchase made within the school will be credited towards Affiliate B—as long as the same browser and device where the cookie was stored i being used. Once Affiliate B's cookie expires, or a different browser/device is used, the credit will go towards the initial affiliate that was associated with the student account upon creation—which in this example would be Affiliate A.


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