Affiliate Coupons

Are you running a discount promotion on a course, but aren’t sure how affiliates can market your link with the discount applied and still get credit for it? Don’t worry: it’s easy to create a URL that includes both the coupon code and the affiliate code.

To combine a coupon code and affiliate code, simply follow this URL format:

Once someone has been made an affiliate, they should be able to find their unique affiliate code through their affiliate dashboard when they log in to your school. Alternatively, you as the owner can locate their user profile, click the Affiliate tab, locate their affiliate code (pictured), and provide them with the coupon-code-amended URL yourself.affiliate_code.png

Coupon codes, meanwhile, are always viewable in the Coupons area of your course.

NOTE: The affiliate marketing option only applies to multiple-use coupons, not single-use. For more on coupon codes, see Creating Coupon Codes.

Here's the quick step-by-step process to generate these URLs:

  1. Get the URL of your course by going to your course's admin area, clicking Preview (for the sales page), and copying the URL (everything before ?preview=logged_out).course-preview-URL.png 
  2. Add in ?couponcode=[yourcodehere]&affcode=[yourcodehere]
  3. You're done! The final result should look something like this:course-URL-aff-code-coupon-code.png

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