Viewing Your Upsell Transaction Report

Upsell transaction reports allow school owners to see how their post-purchase upsells are performing. This article goes over upsell transaction reports and the data within them. For more information on creating an upsell, take a look at the Customizing Your Thank You Page article.

Understanding Upsell Transaction Reports

To access your upsell transaction reports, go to your Admin page and click the Sales tab. From there, click Upsells in the sidebar.


The following data is recorded in upsell transaction reports:


  • From Page - The page where the upsell offer is located. At this time, upsell offers are only available on a course's Thank You Page.
  • From Course - The course with the upsell offer attached to its thank you page.
  • To Course - The course being offered as a upsell.
  • Number of Purchase - How many times the upsell offer has been accepted.
  • Conversion Rate - The percentage of users who accepted the upsell offer after purchasing the original course.
  • Total Revenue - The total amount of revenue the upsell offer has generated.

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