Teachable iOS App Basics for Creators

In this article, you’ll learn how the Teachable iOS app can help students learn anytime, anywhere on a mobile device.

Using the Teachable iOS app is completely free. Once a student is enrolled in a course on a Teachable-powered school, they can get full access to the content by downloading the app.

For more information about the student experience in the mobile app, see Teachable iOS App for Students.

What Users Can Do In the App


  • Access all purchased courses with active enrollments 
  • Stream videos, audio files, and view handouts/worksheets while on the go
  • Save lessons for offline viewing
  • Pick up where they left off: course progress is automatically synced between the iPhone app and your Teachable school(s)
  • Easily move from lesson to lesson, and course to course
  • Take lecture quizzes and see results
  • Complete lessons and track progress
  • Submit feedback and feature requests to our team

Coming soon, students will be able to do even more in the iOS app, including

  • View additional lesson content like code examples, Youtube and Vimeo videos, and more.
  • Access a full course for offline download.

Admin Users (School Owners, Authors, Customer Users)

Admin users cannot manage schools or courses from within the app. The app is designed for students to view and complete lectures and courses.

The app will display course content and also supports HTML tags.

If you have course compliance or drip settings enabled for your course, those settings are enabled in the iOS app.

NOTE: Course comments, Code examples, and Embedded content will not currently display in the iOS app. To add files, use the file uploader to upload multimedia media content into your lessons.

What Courses Are Available In the App?

As of March 2024, all purchased courses with active enrollments are accessible from the mobile app.


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