Understanding Your Checkout Page

A course's checkout page is where students finalize their purchase of a course. This article goes over the different elements of a course's checkout page, and how they work.


There are 5 elements within a course's checkout page:

  1. Order Summary
  2. Account Information
  3. Payment Information
  4. Checkout Page Sidebar
  5. Enroll Button


Order Summary

In this section of the checkout page, students can review their order before completing the purchase.


If they have one, students can enter a coupon code by clicking Add Coupon. If a coupon code is entered, the discount will be reflected in the pricing. 


NOTE: The Add Coupon button will only appear if a coupon is available. If no coupons are available for the course, the Add Coupon button will not appear.

If the student is located in a country where VAT is required, the amount charged for VAT will be shown here. If applicable, students can click Add VAT ID to add their VAT ID number. 


NOTE: Whether or not a student is charged VAT is determined by the student's IP address, as well as the country they specify in their payment information. If there is a conflict between the country detected from IP data and the country specified by the student in their payment information, they will be prompted to specify their country again.

Once the student enters a valid VAT ID, the tax will automatically be removed:


If a student enters an invalid VAT ID, then an error message will appear:


For more information on how Teachable handles VAT, take a look at this article

Account Information

If your student does not have a school account, they will have to enter an email address to be used for their account. They will then have to click Continue to instantly validate that their email address is compatible.


After completing the purchase, they will be prompted to input their name and create a password. They will also be sent an email asking them to confirm their account.


If your student already has a school account, they will have to enter and validate the email address used for their account by clicking Continue. They will then be prompted to enter their password.


Entering Payment Information

If a student is purchasing a course for an existing account, and there is a credit card associated with that account, the payment information will be autofilled using the existing credit card's information.


If a student is creating a new account, or has no credit card associated with their account, they will have to enter their payment information. They can toggle between the Credit Card and PayPal radio buttons.

If they select Credit Card, they will have to enter their credit card information. This information will then be verified upon checkout.


If they select PayPal, they will have to specify the country they are in. Upon checkout, they will be taken to PayPal to complete the purchase.


Checkout Page Sidebar

The checkout page sidebar can be customized to display testimonials, bullet points, and course guarantees. 

For more information on customizing your checkout page, take a look at this article.


Enroll Button

Once all the required information is entered, the student will have to click the enroll button to finalize the purchase.


If the student is creating a new account, they will be prompted to create a password after completing their purchase. Afterwards, the student will be taken to the course's Thank You page.

If the student purchased the course using an existing account, they will be taken straight to the purchased course’s Thank You page.

NOTE: If a different default post-purchase page has been specified, students will be taken to the specified page instead of the course's Thank You page.

Linking Directly to Your Checkout Page

There may be instances where you want to send students directly to a course's checkout page. This article shows you how to find your course's checkout page URL, and use it to link directly to a checkout URL from an external sales page, email, etc.

This feature is an improvement—and is intended to be used in lieu of—copying the URL directly from your checkout page. Please note that copying your checkout page URL directly from your checkout page may affect affiliate attribution.

  1. In Courses, choose the course you'd like to link to. If the course name is not immediately displayed, click View All.
  2. Click Pricing.
  3. Find the pricing plan to link to and click the Copy button in the Purchase URL column. This will automatically copy the URL of your course's checkout page (with the appropriate pricing plan) to your clipboard.

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