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Vizia allows you to add interactive elements to your videos. This can help increase engagement amongst your students, as well as potentially grow your audience.

NOTE: As of Feb 15, 2021, Teachable will no longer support adding Vizia content to Teachable schools. There will be no change to existing schools with Vizia videos, but customers will no longer have the ability to use Vizia to make new videos. We recommend that customers update their Vizia content to a different option in the coming weeks. 


Signing Up for Vizia

  1. Go to Vizia.
  2. Click Get Started.
  3. Create an account. You can use your Google account, or create a new Vizia Account.
  4. After creation, you’ll have to confirm your account through the confirmation email that will be sent to your inputted email address.

Adding a Video to Vizia

  1. Log in to Vizia.
  2. In the navigation bar, click New Video.
  3. In the text field, enter the URL of the video you would like to use. Note that Vizia only supports videos from Youtube and/or Wistia.
  4. Click Continue.

Afterwards, your video will upload and you will be taken to the Vizia video editor.

Adding Interactions to Your Video

After uploading your video to Vizia, you’ll be able to start adding interactive elements. There are 4 interactive elements you can add to a video:

  1. Quizzes
  2. Polls
  3. Responses
  4. Call-To-Actions

Sharing Your Vizia Video

Every video uploaded to Vizia will have a unique sharing link, as well as an HTML embed code. These can be found on the righthand side of a video's editor page within Vizia. To add the video to your Teachable course, paste the HTML embed code in the Add Custom Code tab of any lecture

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