Add Quizzes to Your Video

NOTE: Since Vizia is a third-party service, it is not supported by Teachable Customer Care at this time. Please send all inquiries to

Quizzes are good way to engage with your viewers, and make sure that they are paying attention to the content of the video.

To add a Quiz to your video:

  1. Log in to Vizia
  2. Upload a new video, or go to the video editor page of an existing video.
  3. Use the video scrubber to specify the time at which you would like the interaction to occur.
  4. From the Add Interaction menu, click Quiz.
  5. In the first large text field, enter the question or prompt the viewer is to answer.
  6. In the text fields that follow, enter the possible answer choices (minimum of 2).
  7. Use the radio buttons on the left hand side of the questions to specify the correct answer.
  8. Click Save.
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