Create a Multi-Author Profile

If you have a situation where multiple co-authors have worked together to create a course, you’ll want to give them each control over the course, as well as give credit where it’s due. This article will go over how to feature multiple authors on your sales page and curriculum.

Adding a Multi-Author Profile

As detailed in the article on course authors, author bios are separate from user accounts. The author profile is what will be displayed on the course curriculum. 

If you have co-authors that worked on the same course together, follow this process to make a shared author bio:

  1. Add a new author bio. This can be accomplished in Course > Information > Details or in Site > Bios. Type in both authors’ names and write a bio of them both: two new authors
  2. Visit the Details area of the course Information page to set this bio as the author for the course: choose author
  3. Now, you (or the authors themselves) will want to get the user account set up. In order for both authors to have access to emails, credentials, and privileges, it might be a good idea for them to create a new email address to share.

    When they sign up (or when you manually add them), they can put in both of their names again, and this shared email address. These details can be changed at any time on their user profile. user profile information
  4. Once the account is created, locate their user profile and visit the Author tab to associate the author account from step 1 with this user account: 

Now, both authors can share this profile to run the course.

Adding Separate Author Bios on Your Sales Page

If you're using page editor 1.0, on your sales page you’ll notice that there’s automatically an Author Bio block when you set an author for the course. In your sales page editor, it looks like this: author bio on sales page

However, on the sales page, you may want to feature each author individually. Here is the process for doing that.

  1. Delete the default author block (pictured above) by clicking the red trash icon.
  2. Add a new rich text block by hovering over an existing block and selecting it from the Insert New Block wheel. add rich text block on sales page
  3. In this rich text block, you can include a blurb and photo of one of your authors, working in HTML mode to style everything as you’d like. 
  4. Create another rich text block and do the same for the other author.
  5. Make sure to click Save at the top of the sales page editor when done. Now each author will have their own individualized profiles on your course sales page.
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