Remove Social Media Sharing Icons from Your Sales Page

This article shows you how to remove social media sharing icons from the Course Description block on your course sales page.

social media icons on sales page

  1. Locate your sales page editor in the admin area of your course by clicking Sales Page in the sidebar.
  2. Scroll down to find the Course Description block. This block automatically displays social media sharing icons.
  3. To remove these icons, first hover over an existing block, click Insert new block at the bottom left, and choose Add Rich Text Block from the top of the selection wheel. add rich text block
  4. Return to your Course Description block, toggle into HTML mode by clicking <>, and copy everything there. copy course description
  5. Paste the clipboard contents into the HTML editor of the new rich text block. paste in rich text block
  6. Toggle back and forth between modes to adjust how it looks. You can also save and preview your sales page to make sure it looks good on the front end.
  7. Once you’re satisfied, simply delete the old Course Description block. The new block you've created will not have the sharing icons. 
  8. Make sure to Save your changes.
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