Tiered Pricing

If you have a course and would like to offer multiple levels of pricing for varying amounts of content, there are some options for doing so. This article goes over the best ways to set up tiered pricing.

Putting Your Extra Content Into Course Bundles

The best way to handle tiered pricing and make sure people get exactly what they pay for is to set up course bundles, with bonus content included in the bundled course(s). Here are the basic steps for doing this.

  1. First, duplicate your original course. If you plan to create multiple bonus tiers, duplicate the course multiple times (one for each tier you plan to create). It’s important that you duplicate the course before adding it to a bundle, because bundled courses cannot be duplicated. duplicate course
  2. Create a new course for your first bonus tier. Name it whatever will be clearest for your students--Bonus Content 1, VIP Content, etc. 
  3. Create other courses for your other levels of content--Bonus Content 2, 3, and so on. 
  4. You'll notice that by default, when you duplicate a course, a number is added to the front so you can keep track of which is which. You can rename them later, but for now, the numbers will help you in the next step: creating your bundles. 
  5. Go to your first duplicated main course (leaving the original course as is), and navigate to Bundle Contents.
  6. Add your original first bonus bundle. When you click Add Course, the bundle will be automatically saved. This bundle will now serve as your second pricing tier (with your original course serving as the first). bundle bonus content
  7. If you're adding another tier, navigate to your second duplicated version of your main course. In this course, add your first bonus course *and* second bonus course. 
  8. Continue doing this until you have as many bundles, with as many bonus levels, as you’d like.
  9. Finally, it’s time to rename your bundles, add pricing, and adjust the sales pages so students know what they’re getting in each one. This can be as simple as naming them with levels, or with a system like Basic/Extra/Professional--whatever works best for your brand.
  10. Publish each version of your main course. You can leave the bonus content courses unpublished--students who purchase a bundle will still be able to see them, but they won't appear on your main course directory page. (If you'd like the bonus content to be available for individual purchase, you can publish those courses as well and add pricing.)
  11. Finally, preview your directory page to check it out. view course tiers

Making Tiers for Content Outside of Teachable

If your bonus content exists outside of the Teachable interface--such as access to a Facebook group, personal Skype coaching sessions, or a webinar--you can can still use the duplicate-and-bundle process if you'd like to, with the bonus courses functioning as a vehicle containing a link to your group page, your Skype handle, a ticket to the webinar, and so on.

Alternatively, you could choose to add different levels of pricing on the same course, giving the pricing plans names and descriptions that correspond to their level of content. tieredpricing-2.0.png

To have all your pricing options displayed, ensure that you have added those options to the Pricing block on your sales page editor.

Then, when someone purchases the coaching plan, for instance, you could simply get in touch via email to set up a date and time to provide them with the extra content outside of Teachable.

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