Downgrade or Delete My School

This article goes over how to downgrade or delete your Teachable school, and request a refund if you are eligible.

Downgrading Your School

If you’re simply taking a break from your school or don’t need certain features anymore, it’s easy to downgrade to a free plan instead of permanently deleting your school. To do this, follow the steps outlined in Changing Your Teachable Plan.

CAUTION: If your school is using a custom domain, you will not be able to cancel your paid plan. You must first make your Teachable subdomain your primary domain, delete your custom domain(s), and then cancel your paid plan.  

Deleting Your School

If you’d prefer to delete your school completely instead of downgrading to the free plan, you can do so in your school's admin page. 

CAUTION: Once your school is deleted, it is gone permanently. Make sure to save any course content or school records you’d like to keep.

To permanently delete your school:

  1. Log in to your Teachable school.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Status section, or click Status in the navigation bar.
  4. Click Delete School Permanently.
  5. In the confirmation window that appears, enter your school URL in the text box.
  6. Click Yes, delete my school to permanently delete your school.

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