Teachable Schools vs. Teachable Courses

This article goes over the difference between "Schools" and "Courses" on Teachable.

NOTE: This article does not cover Coaching products. More information about Coaching can be found in this article

Teachable Schools

Your Teachable school is the main website on which your products are hosted. You can customize your school however you want, but usually, you'll have the following pages:

  • Homepage - On this page, users will see your school name, heading, and description, and a list of your school's featured courses.
  • Privacy Policy/Terms of Use - Teachable has default versions of these, but you can customize them to your liking. Links to these are found in the footer area.
  • Product Directory - On this page, users will see a list of all your products. (These can be sorted by Author and Category.)
  • Custom Pages - If you want to make other school-related pages (like an About page), the Teachable interface makes it easy to do that. 

Here's what your school's homepage will look like, with up to three featured courses:


NOTE: You can create as many schools as you want, but each school has its own plan and is paid for separately.

Teachable Courses

Courses are the actual packages of content that students will purchase. They can include video lectures, audio files, downloadable PDFs, forms, quizzes, and more. You can sell courses individually or group them together in bundles

NOTE: You can create an unlimited amount of courses in your school. Enrollment can be capped but, by default, an unlimited number of students can enroll in your courses.

Courses all have their own unique sales pages, where students can read all about that specific course and enroll in it:


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