Abandoned Cart Emails


This article goes over how to turn on and off abandoned cart emails in your school, how to customize your email, and how to review the metrics from sent emails.


For schools on the Basic plan and up with abandoned cart emails enabled, Teachable automatically sends emails to potential students who leave checkout before completing a purchase in a school.

NOTE: Pro and up have unlimited emails.

Disable abandoned cart emails

Abandoned cart emails are enabled by default.

To disable abandoned cart emails:

  1. From your admin, navigate to Emails.
  2. Click on the Abandoned Cart tab.
  3. Click the Turn Off button.


Customize abandoned cart emails

NOTE: Available for Pro plan and up.

Once you have enabled abandoned cart emails in your school:

  1. On the Email > Abandoned Cart page, under Email Template, click on the Edit Template button.
  2. This will automatically redirect to Emails > Template Editor with the Abandoned Cart template selected.
  3. Make changes to the body text.
    CAUTION: Making changes to code inside the double braces {{ }} is not recommended.
  4. Click Save to keep your work for later revision, or click Publish to make your changes active.
  5. Optional: Click Preview to see how your email will appear to students.


You can return the template to its original format at any time by clicking Reset. Click Publish to make these changes available.

Abandoned cart metrics

Once enabled, you will see an overview with the following metrics:


  • Total Emails Sent - total emails sent from time of enablement
  • Total Revenue Recovered - total revenue brought in from students returning to complete their purchase
  • Revenue Recovered This Month - revenue brought in from students returning to complete their purchase by current month
  • Email Clickthrough Rate - number of students who have clicked at least one link in the email
  • Email Conversion Rate - percentage of students who complete purchase through the link in the email

Email History

When clicking on the Email History button, you will automatically redirect to the Emails > History tab of your school’s admin with the Abandoned Cart filter preselected.


  • Date - the date the email was automatically sent
  • Recipient - the email of the user who left checkout before completing a purchase
  • Sent - the time the email was sent to the recipient
  • Delivered - the time the email was delivered to the recipient’s inbox
  • Opened - the date and time the recipient opened the email
  • Bounced - if the email was unable to be delivered to the recipient’s inbox

Student experience

At checkout, if a potential student fills in their email address and leaves the page, they will receive an email prompting them to complete their purchase with a link to return to the product’s checkout page.


Frequently asked questions

Why can’t I see some of the email addresses?

During checkout, potential students can choose to opt-in to promotional emails from your school. If a student does not check the box, Teachable must redact the email if the purchase was not completed, per GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Once a purchase is completed, the email information is available in the Users > Students area of your admin.

Can the abandoned cart email be customized?

Yes, you can make changes to the email’s text in the template editor.

Why is there a popup stating I’m already tracking abandoned carts?

This popup appears when a school is already set up to track cart abandonment through a third-party integration, like Zapier. To prevent multiple emails from multiple sources, deactivate any integrations or webhooks from third-party sites prior to turning on abandoned cart emails in your school.

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