Create Sections and Lectures

After you’ve created a course, it's time to add course content. On Teachable, course content is divided into sections and lectures. This article shows how you can add sections and lectures to your Teachable courses.

The Difference Between a Lecture and a Section

Both lectures and sections can be found in the Curriculum area for your specific course.

A lecture is a structured unit of information made up of text, (downloadable) files, video, images, and/or quizzes. Lectures convey information put forth by a school owner or author.

A section is a way of grouping lectures into digestible chunks with a similar theme. Think of sections as the containers that hold lectures.

sections and lectures

Creating a Section

  1. Log in to your Teachable school.
  2. From your Teachable admin area, click Courses. You'll see the courses you have created, both unpublished and published.
  3. Select the course you would like to add a section to.
  4. Click on Curriculum tab. 
  5. Click New Section button in the upper right-hand portion of the page. new section
  6. After inputting a Section Name, click Create Section. create section
  7. The newly added section will now appear on the curriculum page. new section

Creating a Lecture

You can create a new lecture in two ways.

First, by selecting New Lecture at the top of the curriculum page for your course.

add new lecture

Second, by selecting an existing lecture and clicking the New Lecture button at the top. This allows you to create one lecture after another, all within the same section.

add new lecture

To rearrange lectures within a course, click the edit icon next to a lecture, then drag the lecture to place it in the desired order.

rearrange lectures

Adjusting Lecture Settings

In Settings > General > Lectures, you will see two toggles that allow you to choose options for how students encounter your lectures.admin_settings_general_lectures.png


The first toggle, when on, will automatically mark the lecture as complete when a student finishes the last video. The second toggle, when on, will automatically play the first video when a student enters the lecture.

Deleting Lectures and Sections

If you’d like to make a lecture invisible to students, but keep it in draft status so you can still view the contents, you always have the option of simply unpublishing it (by checking the publish/unpublish box).

unpublish lecture

To delete a lecture, select it by checking the box on the left. An action toolbar will appear above the section. Click the trash icon to delete the selected lecture. You can delete multiple lectures at a time.

delete lecture

You can unpublish or delete entire sections in a similar way: selecting the section and using the toolbar to unpublish or delete it and all the lectures inside it.

delete section


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