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In a Teachable course, content is divided into sections and lectures. This article goes over how to create sections and lectures in your Teachable courses.


On Teachable, any course you create is divided into sections and lectures.

Sections contain groupings of lectures; lectures are structured informational units that comprise of text, files, video, images, and/or quizzes. Both sections and lectures can be created and modified in your course's Curriculum section.

In general, sections focus on a particular theme or concept. Lectures can be used to break down the theme or concept and explain further. There is no limit to the number of sections and lectures that you can create—it’s up to you to determine the best way to structure your course curriculum.

TIP: Learn more about how to add content to your lectures.

Create a section

To add a new section to your course:

  1. From your Teachable admin area, click Courses and navigate to the desired course.
  2. Click Curriculum from the course admin sidebar.
  3. Click the New Section button.
  4. Input a Section Name, then click Save. The new section will be placed at the bottom of the curriculum section. 

To edit a section name, click the More Options icon (i.e., the three dots) next to the section and click the Rename section button.


Create or duplicate a lecture

To create a new lecture:

  1. From your Teachable admin area, click Courses and navigate to the desired course.
  2. Click Curriculum from the course admin sidebar.
  3. Click the Add new lecture button in the bottom of the section you want to add the lecture to.
  4. Enter in a lecture name, then click the green checkmark icon to save.

Once you create a lecture, it will be unpublished. 

To add content to your lecture, click the Edit Lecture button to open up the lecture editor page. Learn more about adding content to your lectures.

To edit a lecture name, click the More Options icon (i.e., the three dots) next to the lecture and click the Rename lecture button.


You can also duplicate individual lectures. When you duplicate a lecture, it will place a copy of the lecture, including all lecture content, immediately below it within the same section. The new lecture will be titled “Copy of [Lecture Name].”

To duplicate a lecture:

  1. Click the More Options icon (i.e., the three dots) next to the lecture.
  2. Click Duplicate lecture.

Publish sections and lectures

Unpublished lectures in a course—or Drafts—will not appear to students working through the curriculum. Students will only be able to access lectures and sections that have been published. Similarly, if lectures within a section are published, but the section itself is not, lectures will not be visible to students.

To publish/unpublish individual lectures, click the green checkmark icon next to the lecture to toggle its published status:


You can also use bulk actions to publish/unpublish lectures or entire sections. To do so, click the checkbox next to the lecture/section name, and then click the Toggle published setting icon in the Bulk actions menu:bulk_publish_lectures.gif

Unpublished lectures will have the “Draft” label next to the lecture name.

NOTE: For a course to be available for enrollment and/or listed in your course directory, you also need to adjust the publish and product visibility settings on the course Information tab. Learn more about publishing and product visibility.

Lecture free previews

In a lecture free preview, students can view the lecture content prior to purchasing or enrolling in the course. This is helpful if you want to give your students a preview of the course content to help them decide to purchase.

CAUTION: Any content included in free preview lectures will be publicly accessible and searchable on Google, including lecture material, comments, PDFs and videos. We encourage you to exercise care when planning your free preview content.

To mark a lecture as a free preview:

  1. Navigate to the Curriculum tab of the course.
  2. Click the checkbox next to the lecture name.
  3. In the Bulk actions bar, click the Toggle free preview setting icon.


For students to view free preview content, you should add a curriculum block to your course sales page. Then, when the student is viewing the sales page, they can click the Preview button next to the lecture to view the content:


Reorder sections and lectures

You can reorder sections and lectures at any time. You can reorder entire sections, adjust lecture order within the same section, or even move a lecture from one section to another.

To reorder any lecture or section:

  1. Navigate to the Curriculum tab of the course.
  2. Find the drag and drop icon (i.e., the six dots) next to the lecture/section name.
  3. Click and drag the section/lecture to the desired location in your curriculum.


Bulk upload lectures

If you already have lecture materials created (e.g. PDFs, videos, images, etc), you can bulk upload your files to your course in one action. This can help you save time as you set up and format your course.

NOTE: This feature is only available on Teachable paid plans (i.e., the Basic plan and up).


To bulk upload lectures:

  1. Navigate to the Curriculum tab of the course.
  2. Click the Bulk upload button at the top of the page.
  3. In the upload window, select the file(s) you want to upload to your course and click Upload.

Please note that each uploaded file will become its own lecture. As a result, we recommend using file names that are appropriate for your lecture. For example, if you are uploading 5 PDF files on making ice cream, make sure that each file is named after its respective lecture (e.g. “Lecture 1 - Why should I make ice cream?”)

CAUTION: Avoid using special characters in your document or video file name when bulk uploading because it may cause issues. Instead, use letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores.

When your files are done uploading, you’ll see each as its own lecture, in draft status. Now, you can go modify each lecture as you see fit.

Delete sections and lectures

To delete an individual section or lecture, click the More options icon (three dots) to the right of the specific lecture or section you want to delete. From the drop down menu, click Delete section or Delete lecture. Click Ok to confirm.


NOTE: Deleting a section or lecture is a permanent action that cannot be undone.

You can also delete multiple sections and lectures at one time. To bulk delete lectures or sections, select the checkbox to the left of the lecture or section in the Curriculum section of your course admin. The bulk action toolbar will appear above the lecture or section. Select individual lectures/sections, or select multiple for bulk deletion. Click on the trash icon and then click OK to confirm the deletion.


Alternatively, instead of deleting a lecture or section, you can unpublish them. When a lecture or section is unpublished, students will no longer be able to view that part of your course.

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