Mark Lectures as Free Previews

This article shows how to make a course lecture available as a free preview for potential students.

Why Make a Lecture Available as a Free Preview?

Marking a lecture as free allows potential students to test-drive the course without spending money. Previews help users decide whether a course is right for them before purchasing it -- which can save a lot of hassle on both sides, compared to them cancelling the course and asking for a refund after signing up.

What a Free Preview Looks Like

For end users, marking a lecture as a free preview will look like this on the sales page:

free preview of lecture

NOTE: Free preview lectures are accessible via the Course Curriculum block. In order to view free preview lectures, you must add a Course Curriculum block to the sales page.

When a user clicks the Preview button, they will be brought inside the lecture area and will have full access to everything inside - just like any student would.

free preview of lecture

How to Mark Lectures as Free Previews

  1. Log in to your Teachable school.
  2. In the Courses area (or directly in the admin sidebar), find the course in which you’d like to mark a lecture as free.
  3. Select Curriculum in the submenu.
  4. Select the eyeball icon to make a lecture available as a free preview. make free preview
  5. A notification will appear in the bottom right corner letting you know the Lecture saved.

TIP: No longer want a lecture available as a free preview? Simply click the eyeball icon to turn off the lecture as a free preview.


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