Create a Course Bundle

This article tells you how to group and sell your courses as a course bundle within your Teachable school.

Understanding Course Bundles

A course bundle involves grouping multiple courses into a single bundle you can sell together at one price. Course bundles are usually discounted from the combined price of the individual courses as a way to encourage sales.

For example, imagine you have two courses: Parachute Basics: Learn before you Leap and Parachute Certification: Advanced Guide to Learning Parachuting. Each course sells individually for $30.

In this example, you could put both courses in a bundle called The Definitive Guide to Skydiving, which students could purchase for a grand total of $50. This bundle combines related courses that the same group of students might want to take, and they're incentivized to purchase the bundle because they receive a $10 discount. However, if they still only want to purchase one of the courses, they have the option to do that as well.

Just like individual courses, course bundles can be sold for a one-time fee, on a subscription plan, or on a payment plan.

One popular bundling strategy is to create a subscription bundle for all courses on your site that allow students to access all of them for a fixed monthly fee. Learn more about selling a recurring membership here.

NOTE: In a bundle, you'll have a "parent" course and then "child" courses (more on this below). Once you have bundled a parent course, you cannot duplicate it or add it to any other bundles. You can, however, add child courses to as many bundles as you want, in addition to selling them individually if desired.

Creating a Course Bundle

Before you can create a bundle, you’ll need a “parent” course with the name you’d like your bundle to have. Using the example above, you would need a course called “The Definitive Guide to Skydiving.”

If you don’t yet have a course with the desired name of your bundle, create one (it won’t need any lectures of its own). In its description, clarify that students are gaining access to multiple courses with their purchase of this parent course.

Then, to bundle the courses together, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Teachable school.
  2. Click the “parent” course (the one with your desired bundle name) in the admin sidebar, or select View All to see all courses in your school.
  3. In the course's admin page, click Bundle Contents
  4. Click Add a Course to this Bundle located at the top of the screen.
  5. Select a course from the drop-down menu that you would like to add as part of the bundled deal. Repeat as needed. These will be the "child" courses of the bundle.add a course to this bundle
  6. Now, when students buy this course, they will automatically gain access to the other(s) that you bundled.

NOTE: If students purchase a course bundle—and a new course is added to the bundle after the initial purchase—those students will automatically be granted access to the new course.

Unbundling a Course


To unbundle a course, scroll down to the bottom of the Bundle Contents area and click Remove from bundle on the right of the child course(s) you want to remove. Removing all of the courses in a bundle will unbundle the parent course completely (and you'll regain the ability to duplicate it).

Note that if you remove a course from a bundle, any student who has purchased the bundle before the course has been removed will lose access to the removed course. If you re-bundle the same course to the bundle it was removed from, those students who previously had access to the removed course will regain access.


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