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This article goes over how to set prices for your course, what pricing plans are available, and how to manage your pricing plans.


There are 4 pricing plans on Teachable: Free, One-Time Purchase, Subscriptions, and Payment Plans.

Your course can have as many pricing plans as you'd like, but each plan must be priced in whole numbers. For example, you cannot have a course price at $20.50. Instead, you could price the course at $20 or $21.

To access a course's Pricing page, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Teachable school.
  2. In Courses, choose the course for which you want to set the price. If the course name is not immediately displayed, click View All.
  3. Select Pricing.

If a course has no pricing plan—or if all pricing plans have been deleted—then the course will be closed for enrollment. In this case, your sales page will show that your course has been closed for enrollment:


Add a Pricing Plan

Once you're on your course's Pricing page, click the New Pricing Plan button. You'll then have to choose which pricing plan you want to add:


  • Free - Students can fully access your course by signing up for an account. There is no price.
  • One-Time Purchases - Students can fully access your course by paying a singular amount.
  • Subscriptions - Students will have access to your course as long as they continue to pay their fee. You can set your subscription to charge a user every week, two weeks, month, three months, six months, or yearly.
  • Payment Plans - Students will pay a set amount of monthly fees for indefinite full access to your course.

Once you settle on a pricing plan, you'll have the option to fill in the following information about your new pricing plan:

  • Price - Use the dropdown menu to specify your currency, then enter the desired price of your course. Please note that your price must be at least $1.00 USD. If you are using a different currency, you will receive an error if your specified price converts to less than $1.00 USD.
  • Name - The name of the pricing plan itself. This will always appear on your course's checkout page, and may appear on the Sales Page if you have multiple pricing plans.
  • Subtitle - A brief description below the name to attract attention and/or briefly explain the pricing tier. This will appear on your course's Sales Page if you have multiple pricing plans.
  • Detailed Description - A description of the features and benefits of the course. This will appear on your course's Sales Page if you have multiple pricing plans.

If you are adding a Subscription pricing plan, you'll have to specify whether your fee is to be charged monthly or annually. Similarly, if you are adding a Payment Plan, you'll have to specify how many months of payment are required.

NOTE: Student that purchase an annual subscription will receive an email reminder seven days before each subsequent charge.


Once finished, click Add Pricing to add the pricing plan to your course.

NOTE: Subscription charges are processed by whichever payment gateway is active at the time of sale. However, subsequent subscription charges will be based on the initial subscription charge. This means that students will be billed the same amount for each subsequent charge. For example, if VAT was disabled at the time of purchase, then VAT will not be charged if you were to enable VAT collection after the initial subscription charge.

Reorder Pricing Plans

If you have multiple pricing plans associated with your course, then you can reorder how they appear on your course sales page and course directory. To do so, click and drag pricing plans above or below one another:


For example, if the first pricing plan is a subscription for $10/month, then the course will appear as $10/month in your course directory:course-directory-pricing-plan-list.png

It will also appear as the first pricing option on your course sales page, along with the other pricing options:first-pricing-plan-sales-page.png

Delete a Pricing Plan

You can delete a pricing plan at any time by clicking the red trash icon next to the pricing plan. This will not impact any students who have already enrolled via that pricing plan—even recurring/subscription plans. Students on payment plans and subscription plans will continue to be charged as normal. Note that deleting a pricing plan will also delete any coupons associated with that pricing plan.

To restore any deleted pricing plans, click Show deleted pricing plans. Then click Restore on the desired pricing plan to make it active again:


Pricing plans cannot be deleted if tied to an upsell—trying to do so will result in an error message. To delete the pricing plan, delete or remove the pricing plan from the upsell. You can see the URL slug of the Thank You page the pricing plan is tied to in the text of the error message.


To delete an upsell, go to the appropriate Thank You page and click the red trash icon in the upsell offer block. Alternatively, select a new pricing plan using the Pricing Plan dropdown menu:


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