Edit Your Sales Page

When students visit your course, the first thing they’ll see is your Sales Page. This article shows you how to use the Sales Page editor to create and customize your course's sales page.


To access your course’s Sales Page editor, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your school’s admin area.
  2. Select one of your courses from the admin sidebar (click View All if the course is not on the sidebar).
  3. Click Pages
  4. Click Edit on your Sales Page.


Using the Sales Page Editor

At any time during the editing of your sales page, you can:

  • Reset the sales page, which will remove all changes made and revert the page back to its default settings
  • Preview your sales page, so you can see what your changes look like
  • Save your changes, so you don’t lose any of your updates save sales page

The Sales Page can be customized with a number of page blocks that serve different purposes.

Changing Sales Page Settings

At the bottom of the Sales Page editor, you'll find the Settings area:


  • The Blank Template toggle, turned off by default, removes all school template code from the sales page when turned on.
  • The Show Navigation Bar toggle, turned on by default, shows your standard school header on your sales page. Turn it off to remove the header.
  • The Colored Header toggle, turned off by default, allows you to choose between a transparent header or a solid-colored header. When turned off, your header text will simply overlay your sales page background image. When turned on, there will be a solid colored (adjustable in your theme colors) bar instead: coloredheader.png
  • The Show Footer toggle, turned on by default, displays your standard school footer on the sales page. Turn it off to remove the footer. 

NOTE: If the Colored Header toggle is not working for you, recompile your CSS by making any change in the Theme section and saving it (you can undo the change later). If it still doesn't take effect, you may have template customizations interfering.

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