Owner Privileges


This article goes over transferring primary ownership, and granting or revoking owner privileges from a user.

Adding Another Owner

Only the Primary Owner of a school has the ability to add additional owners to a school. The Basic plan includes 1 author/owner (including yourself). The Professional and Pro+ plan include 5 authors/owners. The Business plan enables unlimited authors/owners. 

Additional seats can be purchased on the Basic, Pro, and Pro+ plans for $20/month.

For more information on adding another owner to a school, take a look at our Knowledge Base article on Adding Users to Your School.

Grant Owner Privileges

Primary Owners can grant owner privileges to users that already exist in their school. To do so, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Users from the admin sidebar.
  2. Find the user that you wish to grant owner privileges to. Click on their name to open their user profile.
  3. In the Privileges section of the Information tab, click the Make Admin/Owner button.admin-users-user-profile-information-privileges-make-admin-owner-button-notification.gif
  4. Click OK to confirm. A notification will appear indicating that the user has been made an owner in your school.

Transfer Primary Ownership

If your school has multiple owners, the Primary Owner can elect to transfer primary ownership to another owner at any time. To do so, complete the following steps:

  1. Find the owner you wish to transfer primary ownership to.
  2. In the Privileges section, click Transfer Primary Ownership.transfer_primary_owner.png
  3. In the confirmation window that appears, click Yes, send me an email confirmation
  4. Navigate to the email inbox associated with your primary owner account to find the confirmation email.
  5. Click Confirm Primary Ownership Transfer to complete the transfer of primary owner privileges.

Revoke Owner Privileges

If necessary, the Primary Owner can elect to revoke owner privileges from another owner at any time. To do so, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the owner you wish to revoke owner privileges from.
  2. In the Privileges section, click Revoke Owner Privileges.
  3. Click Ok

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