Student's Credit Card is Failing

Unfortunately, there is only so much school owners and Teachable staff can do when a student’s payment method is not working. Here are a few things you can tell the student to try if their credit card is failing:

Try Another Payment Method

Teachable accepts major international credit cards (Visa, American Express, and MasterCard) as well as PayPal. Learn more about supported payment methods and currencies here.

Contact Their Bank

Sometimes credit card providers put a hold on purchases when it seems like a fraudulent charge. If the user does not make online purchases often, this could be the case. Tell the user to contact their bank/credit card provider.

Remember: Some Countries Restrict Purchasing Laws

For instance, if a student in Brazil is trying to make a purchase, it won’t work, because there is a law that says when in Brazil, using a Brazilian bank, one must make purchases in their currency (Brazilian real). This is just one example of a currency law that makes it more difficult to make purchases online.


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