This article gives an overview of Teachable courses. For more details on everything mentioned here, see our other articles in the Creating and Editing Your Course category.

What is a Course?

A course is an organized series of lectures and content that your students can enroll in on your Teachable school website. Teachable allows you to create multiple courses within your school. For each course, you have the ability to set a unique price and use one or more pricing plans—one-time fee, monthly/annual subscription, or even free.

You can think of courses as a subset of your overall school. For instance, if I were to create a school, "Fun Tea Time Academy," I would probably create a course called "An Introduction to Tea" with some other courses like "Advanced Tea Brewing Techniques" and possibly "An Introduction to Darjeeling." Of course, you’re also free to have a more general kind of school with a wide variety of course topics.

Sections and Lectures

Every course contains lectures and sections. Lectures are discrete learning modules that cover one topic. Each lecture can include media (audio or video), text and images, quizzes, and a variety of downloadable files for your students. Sections are a way of grouping lectures into digestible chunks with a similar theme.

Teachable Courses Offer Flexibility and Simplicity

Teachable doesn't pretend to know how to teach your students better than you do. That's why we made our courses flexible—giving you the power to create your own learning environment. With our wide variety of customization options, the only limitation is your creativity.

Aside from flexibility, our other goal is simplicity for instructors. We aim to make the course creation process as simple as possible so you're not wasting time frustrated by trying to learn another technology platform. Instead, you're able to focus on what matters: teaching others.

Check out our articles on building your course content to learn more!


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