Adding Multimedia Content

This article tells you how to add and rearrange multimedia content in your Teachable courses.


Teachable allows you to add a variety of content to your courses as a way to enrich the learning experience for students. This includes videos, PDFs, audio files, and more.

To make it easier to add multimedia content to your course, Teachable connects to the following applications:

Adding Multimedia Content to Your Lecture

To supplement your lectures, it helps to have some form of multimedia content. Whether it's videos, slideshows, audio files, etc., multimedia content helps keep your students engaged.

NOTE: If you are uploading video lectures, it may take up to 12 hours for the video to process.

  1. Inside a specific course, click the Curriculum tab.
  2. Select the specific Course Section you'd like to edit, or add a new one.
  3. Inside the lecture area, drag the files you'd like to upload to the area labeled Drop video, audio, PDF, or other file(s) here. Alternately, click the Choose files button. choose files
  4. Clicking Choose files will allow you select files from your computer to upload, or find files by connecting with Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive. There is also a Web Images function that allows you to search for and use online images, a Link (URL) function for files from the web, and an FTP login capability. choose image file
  5. After selecting which files you would like to add, click Upload. upload files

    TIP: You can select multiples files to upload at once.

  6. When your upload is complete, a notification will appear. Then, you'll be brought back to the lecture area.

Rearranging Multimedia Content Inside a Lecture

Chances are, you have a variety of content types in each lecture—videos, text, downloadable files, and so on. If you would like to change the order in which your lecture content appears, you can easily do so by rearranging the blocks as demonstrated below.

rearrange multimedia content

Download and Embed Options

Once your file is uploaded, you’ll have a few options for how to integrate it with the lecture. On the right side of your screen, you’ll see several icons. Toggle these to make a file downloadable/not downloadable, or to turn embedding on or off.

change embed and download settings

If you have a file uploaded, but it’s not showing up in the lecture as expected, first check this area to make sure that embedding is turned on.

Note that some file types (e.g. Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and zip) are available only for downloading, and cannot be embedded directly into the lecture. For these, you will need to keep the "make downloadable" toggle on for the files to be visible to your students.

Uploading Video Captions 

Owners and authors can upload video captions, also known as subtitles, to your Teachable lecture videos. Schools on the Free and Basic plan can upload one subtitle file, while Schools on the Professional plan and upwards can upload multiple subtitle files.

  1. Log into your Teachable school.
  2. Navigate to the course you want to add video subtitles to.
  3. Select Curriculum from the admin sidebar. curriculum
  4. Choose the lecture you’d like to add video captions to. choose lecture
  5. After you’ve uploaded a video lecture, click the green document icon on the right side of the video lecture block. upload captions
  6. Choose the language for your captions from the dropdown menu and upload an .srt file. .srt files contain video subtitle information like the start and end timecodes of the text and the sequential number of subtitles.upload srt file
  7. A notification saying "Captions uploaded." will appear on the lower right-hand side of the screen, showing that your video captions have been successfully added.

    NOTE: If you try to upload malformed .srt files or more than one caption for a given language, an error message will appear.

  8. You can edit or delete your .srt captions at any time by clicking the green document icon again and clicking Replace or the red trash icon. replace or delete video captions

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