Adding a Quiz

This article shows you how to add a quiz within the lecture area of your Teachable courses. 


Teachable lets you build self-grading quizzes, giving students the chance to test what they learned. Adding a quiz to your course can be an effective way to get feedback on how your students are learning and if they are engaged.

Quizzes also add a little pressure, communicating to students that each lecture is important and necessary to progress in your course. Moreover, quizzes can help recap the key takeaways students should walk away with after completing your course.

NOTE: While quizzes are available on all plans, only Pro plans and higher have access to graded quizzes.

There are two basic types of quizzes: graded and non-graded. It's important to know that non-graded quizzes are not recorded within the reports section in your school. Learn more about graded quizzes at the bottom of this article.

Adding a Quiz

  1. From the Courses area inside your Teachable school, select the course where you'd like to add the quiz.

    NOTE: You must create a course before adding a quiz.

  2. Once inside the course area, click the Curriculum tab. curriculum
  3. Click on the lecture you want to add a quiz to.

    NOTE: If you need help adding new lectures, see the Creating Sections and Lectures article.

  4. Inside the lecture, click the Quiz tab. quiz tab
  5. Click the Add Quiz button. add quiz
  6. In the first field, write your first quiz question. add quiz question
  7. Input possible answers to your question. Write both correct and incorrect options.

    NOTE: As you add answers, new fields will automatically appear. You do not have to use all the answer fields. If an answer field appears that you do not need, leave it blank. The blank item will not appear to your students.

  8. Check the box on the left-hand side to denote the correct answer. You may select more than one answer. add quiz questions and answers
  9. After adding all questions and possible answers for your quiz, you will see the quiz appear in the content list for that lecture. You can always come back to edit your questions or change/add answers later. add or edit quiz questions
  10. Preview your lecture by selecting the Preview button at the top of the page. preview lecture
  11. Your quiz should look something like this: quiz

NOTE: While you can add a quiz to as many lectures as you’d like, you can only add one quiz per lecture.

TIP: You can add HTML to any of the quiz or answer fields. If you'd like to include an image, video, code or special styling, simply create in your favorite HTML editor and paste it into the fields. Then, preview your lecture to see the end results

Graded Quizzes

NOTE: While quizzes are available for all schools regardless of plan, graded quizzes are available on the Professional plan and up.

If you'd like your students to be scored on their quiz answers, tick the This quiz will be graded checkbox.

Students cannot automatically retake graded quizzes or change their answers. They will not see the results until they finish their quiz. These scores will then be recorded in your school reports and can be used to create certificates of completion.

graded or ungraded quiz


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