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This article provides an overview of how to accept and process payments on Teachable. There is a video tutorial included with this article. 

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If you’re based in a country listed in our Teachable Payments eligibility list, then you can process payments using Teachable Payments. Credit and debit card transactions on Teachable Payments are processed using Stripe Express. This allows school owners to receive their payouts daily, weekly, or monthly to their Stripe Express account—and also set their own payout schedules.

If you’re not in a country listed in our Teachable Payments eligibility list, then you can process payments using the Monthly Payment Gateway. Credit and debit card transactions on the Monthly Payment Gateway are processed using Teachable's Stripe account. As a result, credit and debit cards payments processed by the Monthly Payment Gateway will be paid out every 30 days via PayPal.

On the Monthly Payment Gateway or Teachable Payments, you can opt-in to BackOffice, which provides services such as automatic author/affiliate payouts, etc. With BackOffice, you can also enable PayPal as a payment option for your students. If you enable PayPal through BackOffice, then PayPal payments will be processed using Teachable Payments and follow its payout cadence.

Alternatively, if you’re on the Professional plan and up, you can connect your own Stripe or PayPal custom payment gateways.

Payment gateways are all set up from your school's Settings > Payments page. Your eligibility will determine what options are available to you on this page.

Mixed payment gateways occur when a school has a custom payment gateway for one processor (Stripe or PayPal) while also using a Teachable payment gateway for the other (Monthly Payment Gateway or Teachable Payments). If you are an existing customer with mixed payment gateways, it's important to note that each payment gateway can have different payout schedules, transaction fees, tax requirements, and refund policies. Additionally, BackOffice services, such as automatic author/affiliate payouts, are only available for transactions processed by the Monthly Payment Gateway or Teachable Payments. These issues do not affect new Teachable Payments or Monthly Payment Gateway users since the Stripe and PayPal payment gateways are always the same. 

For more information on how to set up and receive your earnings, please refer to the article for the payment gateway that you are eligible for:

NOTE: Payments are processed through whichever gateway is active at the time of purchase. For example, if you switch from the Monthly Payment Gateway to Teachable Payments, any sale made before switching gateways will be paid out according to the Monthly Payment Gateway's payout schedule. Once the switch is made, all payments—including existing recurring payment plans (e.g. subscription and payment plan payments)—will be processed using your new gateway. 

For help with troubleshooting purchase or payout issues, please refer to our guides below:

Payment Options for Students

You can set up your course pricing options from the course Pricing menu.

Students have multiple payment options when it comes to purchasing courses on Teachable: credit/debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay®, and Google Pay™.

By default, students can pay with a credit/debit card—either by entering their card information, or using Apple Pay or Google Pay—on all native payment gateways.

PayPal will be available as a payment method for your students if you've opted-in to BackOffice, or have set up a PayPal custom payment gateway.

Credit or Debit Card

When a student makes a purchase using a credit or debit card, their transaction is processed via Stripe. All major international cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) are supported by Stripe.

Students can choose to purchase with a credit or debit card by selecting selecting the Credit Card radio button when entering their payment details on the checkout page:



If enabled, students can purchase a course with PayPal by selecting the PayPal radio button on the checkout page, choosing their country and then clicking the PayPal button. This will take them to a Pay with PayPal checkout screen. 


There are cases where PayPal will not be available as a payment option for students on Teachable's native payment gateways. These specific instances are as follows:

  • Currencies outside the United States (PayPal is only available in USD at this time)
  • Recurring payments (subscriptions and payment plans) where a coupon is applied at checkout
  • Recurring payments (subscriptions and payment plans) where an order bump is applied at checkout

If your school is using a PayPal custom payment gateway, students only see PayPal as a payment option for one-time purchases in USD. 

TIP: Students in the United States may be able to use PayPal to purchase subscriptions or payments plans by using PayPay Key. PayPal Key is a PayPal feature that creates a virtual card number that is linked directly to your PayPal account. To set up PayPal Key, please follow PayPal’s guide here

Apple Pay® and Google Pay™

If available on their device, students will have the option to purchase a course using Apple Pay or Google Pay. Please note that Apple Pay and Google Pay are only available for one-time purchases and schools using Teachable Payments or the Monthly Payment Gateway.

NOTE: For Apple Pay or Google Pay to be available as student payment options, students should ensure they have enabled those payment methods on their devices and are using supported browsers. For example, Apple Pay is supported by Safari, and not Chrome.


Supported Currencies

For schools using the Monthly Payment Gateway or Teachable Payments, visit Stripe for the most up-to-date list of supported currencies. If you've set up custom payment gateways, contact Stripe and/or PayPal for more information about supported currencies.

Stripe charges your customer's card in the currency you specify. Per Stripe's documentation, your customer's bank may then add up to two types of additional charges:

  • A conversion fee to exchange the payment from the currency you specified to their local currency.
  • A foreign transaction fee if your business is based in another country.

If your account is set up to charge in the same currency as your customer's card, then they'll avoid the first fee, though they may still pay a cost for your business being based in another country.

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