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This article goes over how to create coupons for your courses. Coupons are available for schools on the Basic plan and up.

NOTE: Paid courses cannot be sold for less than $1.00 USD or the transaction will fail. When creating coupons, remember not to discount courses below that amount. This does not affect the ability to create 100% off coupons for courses, just be sure to use Percent instead of Dollar Amount when creating your coupon.

Understanding multiple-use vs. single-use coupons

Multiple-use coupons can be used by a specified number of users (limit of 1000) that have access to the coupon code. For example, if you create a multiple-use coupon with the code "HALFOFF" for 500 users , the first 500 users to use that code would receive 50% off their purchase.

Single-use coupons have unique coupon codes that can only be used by a single user. For example, if you wanted to give an existing student a coupon for one of your other courses, you could create a single-use coupon that would give them a discounted price on your other course.

In both cases, Teachable’s transaction/processing fees are deducted from the discounted price. So if you have a 50% off coupon for a $40 course, fees are charged on the $20 the student pays.

Course coupons can be created from the Coupons menu of that specific course.


Multiple-use coupons

To create a multiple-use coupon, select the course for which you want to create a multiple-use coupon and click the Coupons tab in the sidebar.

Then, decide if you want to create a coupon for the current course, or for all courses (and pricing plans) on your school.


If you create a coupon for This Course Only, you'll be asked to fill in the following information:


  • Discount Amount - Use the dropdown menu to specify whether you are discounting an Amount or Percent (e.g. $10 off or 10% off). Enter the discount number in the text field.
  • Pricing Plan - Use the dropdown to specify which active pricing plan you are creating a coupon for.
  • Applies to - If you select a subscription or payment plan, you'll have to choose whether to apply the coupon to all billing periods or the first one only.
  • Coupon Code - The unique coupon code that users will have to enter to receive the discount. Coupon codes can only contain alphabetical or numerical characters. Coupon codes cannot contain any special characters (e.g. %, #, etc).
  • Internal Name - The name that will be used to reference the coupon in your school admin.
  • Expires - Specify an expiration date. Note that this date and time will be based on the school owner's local time zone.
  • Number Available - The number of times this coupon can be used before it is no longer valid.

If you create a coupon for All Courses, you'll be asked for the same information as a course-specific coupon, but the discount must be a percentage. Also, as this coupon will apply to all courses and pricing plans, you cannot specify the pricing plan to be discounted. Subscriptions and Payment Plans will have the coupon applied to all billing periods.


In each case, once you've finished creating the coupon, click the Add Coupon button.

Single-use coupons

To create single-use coupons, click the Bulk Coupon Generator button on your course's Coupons page:


From there, choose to create a coupon for This course only or All courses. You'll then be prompted to enter the same information as when creating a multiple-use coupon, as well as the Number of Coupons to be created. However, as each coupon will have its own unique coupon code, you will not have to specify one.


Once finished, click the Download Generated CSV button. Doing so will download a CSV file to your computer. Use any spreadsheet application (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Sheets, etc) to open the CSV file; below is an example CSV:


The first column contains the unique single-use coupon code—this is what your students will enter in the Add Coupon field during checkout. The second column contains a link to the course's Sales Page with the unique single-use coupon automatically applied.

Single-use coupons created with the Bulk Coupon Generator will not appear on your course’s Coupons page. As such, we recommend that you keep your CSV file stored on your computer for future reference.

Coupons for organizations/bulk purchasers

To sell your courses to schools, business, or other organizations that want to purchase access to your course in bulk, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a new pricing plan for the course that corresponds to the price/licenses that you want to sell it for.
  2. Once you’ve seen that an organization has purchased that plan for your course, create the appropriate number of coupons.

From there, one option is to generate a batch of single-use coupons and send the CSV file to the organization. The organization will then distribute the links in order for their members to redeem the offer.

Alternatively, you can create a multiple-use coupon and send the link with the coupon code embedded into the URL to the organization. This option is usually easier for administrators to send out to a team (although they will be responsible if the coupon code is given to the wrong person).

Delete or Restore coupons

At any time, you can delete a coupon by clicking the corresponding trashcan icon next to the active coupon. Once a coupon is deleted, it cannot be undone. To view deleted coupons, click on the Show deleted coupons button. If you would like to reuse a deleted coupon code (i.e. “HALFOFF”), you can create a new coupon using the same code.


Share coupons with students

Once you create the coupon, you can provide the coupon code directly to your students. They will have the opportunity to put in the coupon code on the Checkout page. To add a coupon the student would perform the following steps:

  1. From the Checkout page, in the "Order Summary" section, click the Add Coupon text under the course's thumbnail.
  2. In the supplied text box, type the name of the coupon exactly as you have given it to them, then click Apply.
  3. The discount will be automatically applied to their course or bundle and they can proceed with the rest of the checkout process.

NOTE: If no "Add Coupon" option appears, it's because there isn't an active coupon associated with this product.


Alternatively, for multiple-use coupons, you can provide a direct coupon URL to your students. To do so, navigate to the course Coupons page and click the Preview button under the Direct Link column. This will open up a new tab.

Then, you can copy the URL at the top of the new browser tab, except for the &preview=logged_out part. This is the direct coupon URL you can provide to your students.


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