ConvertKit and Teachable

This article gives you a brief guide to integrating ConvertKit with your Teachable school.

What Is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is an email marketing tool used by bloggers, authors and online entrepreneurs. At Teachable, we are huge fans of ConvertKit and are excited to allow our respective software(s) to talk to each other. You can use ConvertKit to create:

  • Opt-in forms
  • Landing pages
  • Email courses
  • Automated emails
  • And more

ConvertKit only has paid plans, with the price based on the number of subscribers you have.

How the Integration Works

When you sync your Teachable account with your ConvertKit account, every time someone enrolls in any of your Teachable courses, they are added to your ConvertKit account (if they don’t exist there already).

You can use the Automations feature on ConvertKit to automate any kind of action around that. For example, when someone enrolls in your course on Teachable, you can remove them from an autoresponder sequence on ConvertKit, you can tag them a certain way, or you can enroll them in a different sequence.

NOTE: In order to set up this integration with a Teachable course, the course must be published.

Setting Up the Integration

  1. Log in to your ConvertKit account.
  2. Click Automations.
  3. Click Integrations.
  4. On the next page, click the Teachable icon. When prompted, input your Teachable school’s URL.
  5. Click Next until you are prompted to click Done. Note that you do not have to copy the Callback Endpoint URL.
  6. Click the icon in the top-right corner and click Account Settings.
  7. On the Account Info page, press the Show button in the API Secret section.
  8. Copy your API Secret.
  9. Now, log in to your Teachable school and go to Settings.
  10. Click Integrations from the submenu.
  11. Toggle on the ConvertKit integration.
  12. In the ConvertKit API Key field, enter the API Secret you copied from ConvertKit in step 4.
  13. Click Save. ConvertKit is now integrated with your Teachable school!

Using ConvertKit With Teachable

Now that you have the ConvertKit integration set up, you can begin to configure triggers and actions. Please note that actions in ConvertKit may take some time to trigger (approximately 5 minutes).

  1. Head over to your Automations tab on ConvertKit and click +Add Rule. add convertkit rule
  2. Choose Purchases a product from the Trigger category on the left side. purchases a product rule
  3. From the dropdown list, select Purchases on Teachable. convertkit purchases on teachable
  4. Choose the course you want to listen for. choose product
  5. You can now choose an action, such as subscribing a user, unsubscribing a user, adding or removing a tag, and more. In this example, we’re subscribing a user to a sequence. add convertkit action
  6. Click Save Rule when you’ve set up the trigger and an action.

There are endless ways of integrating Teachable and ConvertKit. By using our Zapier integration, you could also:

  • Give someone access to a course on Teachable just by having them click a link inside your email
  • Tag a student on ConvertKit after they complete a certain lecture
  • Trigger an email offering a student an upsell after they complete the course
  • Update their email in ConvertKit if they change their email on Teachable
  • And more


Integrations are hard. They require two separate parties to work well together, and sometimes simple changes on one end can cause something to break.

If you have set everything up correctly but your automations are not working on ConvertKit, let Teachable know by submitting a support ticket, and let ConvertKit know by emailing


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