Setting Up Affiliates

This article gives an overview of your school's affiliate feature and directions for setting up an affiliate program at your school.


As a school owner on a paid plan, you can allow users to promote your course(s) as an affiliate. An affiliate receives a percentage of the revenue generated from any sale that is a result of their promotion. In the case of subscription courses, affiliates will receive a percentage of each payment, not just the first.

There is no limit to how many affiliates a school can have. To understand how Teachable handles multiple affiliates within the same school, take a look at this Knowledge Base article.

Setting Up Affiliates

When setting up an affiliate, the user must first be enrolled in your Teachable school as a student. Afterwards, follow these steps to make them an affilaite:

  1. Log in to your Teachable School.
  2. Select Users.
  3. Click the User you’d like to add as an affiliate. 
  4. Inside the user's information area, select Affiliate from the submenu. 
  5. Toggle Affiliate Program to be set to Active. 
  6. Set Affiliate Commission to the percentage amount you will pay the affiliate. For example, if you set Affiliate Commission to 25% for a course priced at $10.00, the affiliate will receive $2.50 for each sale they refer. Click Save.
  7. The Restrict commission to specific courses button is used to determine whether the affiliate will receive commission for all of your courses, or specific ones. If enabled, you can choose which courses an affiliate is to receive commission for.admin_user_affiliate_coursespecific.png

Site Owner Commission and Pay Schedule

Depending on the monthly plan your school is currently on, the site owner commission that you’ll receive—that is, the percentage of the sale that you keep after you pay your affiliate and Teachable's processing fees—will change. Site owners and affiliates are paid on the first of each month (or closest business day) for all sales made over 30 days prior to that date, a schedule made necessary by Teachable’s 30-day refund policy.

Viewing Individual Affiliate Performance

Right now, there are no analytics at an individual affiliate level, although we're working to add that capability soon. However, you can see individual affiliate sales in the Transactions area by selecting the Show affiliate toggle.

affiliate transactionsshow affiliate

You also can download a raw CSV of all transactions, sort by affiliate, and build your own reports.


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