Setting Up Drip Content

This article shows you how to release lecture sections over a period of time by using the drip content feature (available on the Basic plan and higher). This enables you to choose how many days elapse before each lecture is released to students once they enroll.

CAUTION: After drip content is enabled on a section of your course, it cannot be disabled.


Enabling Drip Content

  1. Log into your Teachable school.
  2. Enable drip content in Settings > Labs. enable drip content

Choosing a Drip Schedule for Your Course

NOTE: Drip content is released at 12:01 UTC, and email announcements are sent out at 15:00 UTC. At this time, these times cannot be customized.

  1. After drip is enabled, select a Course from the admin sidebar, or click View All and choose a course.
  2. Inside the individual course area, click Drip in the submenu. drip submenu
  3. Course material is time-released by section. Click Set Schedule to schedule how many days it will take for the section (with all its lectures included) to be released to students after they enroll.set schedule
  4. If you have students currently enrolled in the course, you'll be presented with a popup window letting you decide whether those current students will retain full access to course sections, or be retroactively placed onto the drip schedule (which may cause them to temporarily lose access to content they were able to view before).dripshot.PNG
    Click Yes, keep access to all sections to let existing students continue the course as is, or No, it's okay if they lose access to place them on the drip schedule like a new student would be.
  5. Select a number (by using the arrow keys or typing it in) and then click Save. Drip sections can be set to release as far in the future as you like--up to 9999 drip schedule

Setting Up an Email Announcement

  1. Press the Set Email Announcement button and fill out the email form to schedule an email that lets students know when the course section will become available to them. set email announcement
  2. Click Save Email Announcement to save changes.

In order to disable email announcements, simply clear the email subject and email body fields. Afterwards, the template will revert to its default unfilled state.

Granting Students Full Access to Course Content

Keep in mind that school owners can manually grant full access to students at any time. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Users area and select a student enrolled in a course with drip enabled.
  2. Click Courses from the admin sidebar. courses
  3. Click Grant Full Access next to the course you want to give the student immediate access to. grant full access

A notification will appear in the lower right corner letting you know that the student has been granted full access to the course.


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