Recurring Course Memberships

Some school owners have multiple courses and would like to sell a recurring membership to their entire school, where students can pay monthly (or annually) and get access to everything. This article shows you how to achieve that.

To achieve this, do the following:

  1. Log in to your Teachable school.
  2. Select Courses in the admin sidebar (or choose a specific course).

    TIP: Create a course named something like All-Access Monthly Subscription. You can then bundle courses together within that parent course. For instance, how Brad Hussey offers a membership to all his courses.

  3. Inside the specific course that you want to function as your all-access membership bundle, click Bundle Contents.


  4. Select Add a Course to this Bundle.add a course to this bundle
  5. From the dropdown, select the course(s) you’d like to add - presumably all the ones that exist in your school (unless you prefer to group by category/topic).
  6. Click Add Course. add course
  7. Then, head over to Pricing in the individual parent course area.


  8. Click New Pricing Plan to add a new pricing plan for the bundle. new pricing plan
  9. Select Subscription to set up monthly or annual recurring payments.
  10. Fill in the necessary information.

    add subscription pricing plan

  11. Click Add Pricing.

Now, when users buy this course, they will get access to all the courses bundled into it. This essentially functions as an all-access membership.

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