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This article goes over how to log in to your Teachable school's admin area and troubleshoot login issues.

Logging In to Your Teachable School

  1. To log in to your school, enter your school's URL into your web browser's address bar (e.g. https://yourdomain.teachable.com or https://yourcustomdomain.com).
  2. Click Login in the upper right-hand corner of the page.school-homepage-login-button.png
  3. Enter the email address and password you used to register your Teachable account and click Log in. If you do not have a school account, you can create one by clicking Create an Account. Alternatively, log in to your myTeachable account by clicking Log In with myTeachable. You can also connect your school account to an existing myTeachable account by following the instructions in Connect Your myTeachable Account to Your Schoolschool-admin-login-page.png

NOTE: If you forgot your Teachable password, click the Forgot password? link on the login page or read more about retrieving a lost password.

Unrecognized Device Notification

If there is a login attempt to your Teachable account from an unrecognized device, you won’t be able to proceed to your school admin until you confirm the device. However, you’ll automatically receive an email notification containing instructions on how to confirm your device for future logins.


If you recognize the login attempt, copy the confirmation code and then paste it into the Confirmation code field in the login screen.


Alternatively, the login attempt can be confirmed by navigating to the URL provided to you in the email. The URL contains a token that will be stored in your browser—which will then be used to recognize your device on future login attempts.

CAUTION: Both the confirmation URL and code expire after 24 hours. To receive a new confirmation URL or code, log in to your school again.

If you don't recognize the login attempt or device, we strongly recommend resetting your password immediately.

Troubleshoot Login Issues

If you experience issues logging in to your school, follow the troubleshooting steps outlined below. You can also refer to Common Technical Issue Troubleshooting for more troubleshooting strategies.

Recover Your Password

If you can't remember your password, follow the instructions in Recover Your Account Password.

Check for Multiple Accounts

In some cases, you may have multiple Teachable accounts with different login credentials. If you can't find the school you're looking for, try logging in with a different set of login credentials.

Confirm Your Device

If using a new device, you'll first have to confirm it. To do so, follow the instructions in Unrecognized Device Email.

Teachable uses browser cookies to authenticate devices. If you're prompted to confirm your device every time you log in, make sure that you've enabled cookies. Similarly, private or incognito browsers will not store cookies.

If you can't find the confirmation email, check your inbox's spam or junk folder. Also, be sure to add m@teachable.com to your email's whitelist, to avoid further issues with email delivery.

Clear Cache

While online, web browsers store—or"cache"—websites assets such as images and scripts. Clearing your browser's cache removes these assets, and may help resolve login issues.

If using Google Chrome, click the menu and select More tools. Then click Clear browsing data. Make sure that the Cached image and files box is checked. See more details on clearing your cache in Google Account Help.

If using Mozilla Firefox, go to your Preferences and then find the Advanced panel. From there, click Clear Now in the Cached Web Content section. See more details on clearing your cache in How to Clear the Firefox Cache.

Disable Third-Party Browser Extensions

Some third-party extensions—e.g. password managers—have been known to cause problems when logging in to a course. We recommend attempting to log in in another browser with no extensions. If successful, an extension may be the cause.

Once you're certain that an extension may be the issue, test each one by disabling it and reloading the page. If disabling a certain extension solves the issue, you can identify that extension as the source of the issue. From there, either disable or remove the extension.

Below are some extensions that have caused issues in the past for some Teachable users:

  • Adblocker Extensions
  • Security Extensions (e.g. HTTPS Everywhere)
  • Password Managers (e.g. LastPass)
  • Grammarly
  • Coupon Extensions (e.g. Honey, Dingo, etc.)

TIP: Research online to determine if there are any known conflicts/issues with extensions that you have installed in your web browser. If you have a lot of extensions, this can save you some time.

For further information about how to manage extensions in your browser, see here:

Contact Customer Care

If still unable to access your account, please email support@teachable.com to get in touch with our Customer Care team. When reaching out, please include the following information:

  • School name
  • URL of the school (e.g. https://yourschool.teachable.com)
  • Your full name
  • The last email address you remember using to log in to your Teachable account
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