Logging In to Your Teachable School

This article shows you how to log in your Teachable school's administration area. From there you can begin customizing your site and creating courses.

  1. Type your school's URL into the web browser address bar. (e.g. http://yourdomain.teachable.com)

    NOTE: If you have set up a custom domain (e.g. http://yourcustomdomain.com) you will type it into the address bar without adding .teachable to the domain name.

  2. Click Login in the upper right-hand corner of the page.student_view_login.png
  3. Enter the email address and password you used to register your Teachable account and click Log in. If you do not have a school account, you can create one by clicking Create an Account. You can also log in with your myTeachable account by clicking Log In with myTeachable.student-view-login_to_account.png

NOTE: If you forgot your Teachable password, click the Forgot password? link on the login page or read more about retrieving a lost password.


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