Submitting a Support Ticket

This article shows you how to get answers or file a support ticket via the myTeachable help center when you need assistance or are having an issue with your Teachable school.

Finding the Help Center

To locate the help center, log in to your myTeachable account and select Help from the sidebar. Alternatively, click this link to be taken there directly. (If you have not created a myTeachable account or are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.) You'll see a page with these two boxes. Before you submit a ticket, it may be helpful for you to search the Knowledge Base to see if answers exist there.

help page

To proceed with submitting a ticket, click the Help with Your Teachable School box. That will take you to this page, where you’ll fill out a series of drop-down menus with details about your problem.

help with teachable school

Using the Help Center

The drop-down menus within the help center feature topics that range from general to specific to allow you to narrow down your problem. The first step is to select the school you have a problem with. Then, you’ll choose from four general topics:

  1. School Plans and Teachable Billing for information on upgrading, downgrading, or canceling a plan, receiving a refund, and updating billing information.
  2. Troubleshoot an Issue for common problems that instructors experience.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about managing your school, from settings to users to customization.
  4. Found a bug? Tell us about it to let us know if you’re experiencing a glitch.

Once you’re finished narrowing down the issue, you’ll receive an answer, a link to any relevant pages, and/or a request for more information. Here's an example of a successful inquiry:

fill out inquiry form

Submitting A Support Ticket

Not finding what you’re looking for? At any time, you can click the Message Us button at the bottom of the form to submit a support ticket (pictured below) to Customer Care.

support ticket Simply choose a subject, let us know the URL where you noticed the problem, and describe your issue in as much detail as possible. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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