Student Cannot Log In

This article shows you a how to help students who are having a difficult time logging in to your Teachable school.

NOTE: Instructors cannot change a student's password if the student is using a myTeachable account to access their school.

Duplicate Accounts

Sometimes a student may have created multiple accounts under different email addresses, and are attempting to log in with the wrong email/password combination. Search inside your instructor admin area to make sure the student doesn’t have duplicate accounts (meaning they signed up with two emails). You can search inside the Users area.

User Requests New Password

Students can reset their password to your Teachable school by following the steps laid out in this Knowledge Base article.

Set New Password as Instructor

As an instructor, you may be able to manually reset users' passwords. This can only be done if you have not enabled myTeachable on your school, as you have no control over your students' myTeachable accounts.

  1. Log in to your Teachable admin area.
  2. Select Users in the admin sidebar.
  3. Choose the user from the list whose password needs to be reset. show all users

    TIP: Lots of users? Search with a filter to easily narrow down the results.

  4. In a specific user’s page, select Change Password in the Profile section. change student password
  5. A modal will appear, allowing you to choose a new password for the user.
  6. After inputting a new password, click Change Password. confirm new password
  7. Another pop-up modal will appear, letting you know the changes took effect. new password confirmed

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