Add a Webinar or Live Video Stream

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This article goes over adding a livestream or webinar to your course lessons as a way to interact live with students.


Within your school, you can embed a third-party livestream directly into your lesson area with sites like YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo. You can use any live streaming platform that allows you to embed a code snippet of the broadcast. 

Add a live stream embed code to your course

To add a livestream to your lesson, get the embed code for your stream directly from the platform you are using. Once you have an embed code for your livestream:

  1. From your admin menu, select the course you would like to add the live stream to.
  2. Click Curriculum and select a lesson, or create a new lesson.
  3. Click Add Content and select the Custom Code block. A popup will appear.
  4. Enter the embed code into the code block field. Click Save when complete.

Adding an embed code within the custom code block field of a sample school.

Use the Preview button to see how your embedded content will look to students. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I find the embed code for my livestream?

Please contact your livestream hosting platform directly for assistance as each site manages embed codes differently. Links to commonly used sites, Vimeo, YouTube and Twitch are below:

My livestream is over, can my students still access the stream?

This will depend on how your livestream hosting platform manages replays.

Some sites offer the ability to link to a direct URL for replay. Some will offer the same embed code while others will generate new embed codes. Other sites may offer the ability to download the stream so that you can upload it directly into the lesson video player.

Please contact your livestream hosting site's support team directly for assistance.

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