Add a Webinar or Live Video Stream

NOTE: Third-party customization exists outside the realm of customer care and what we can support. This means that we cannot assist with the maintenance, or troubleshooting of custom code. Moreover, with any change made via custom code, we cannot ensure its functionality or full compatibility with current or future versions of Teachable. This includes how the code functions as well as how it impacts the appearance on mobile and web browsers.

This article goes over adding a livestream or webinar to your course lectures as a way to interact live with students.


A livestream or webinar is a great way to directly engage your audience, give and receive real-time feedback, and provide a unique learning experience.
Teachable does not have a native way to add livestreams. However, you can embed a third-party livestream directly into your lecture area, for example:

You can use any live streaming platform that allows you to embed a code snippet of the broadcast. To find an embed code for the live streaming platform you use, contact their support teams directly.

Add a live stream embed code to your course

First, you will need to get an embed code for your live stream directly from the live streaming platform you are using. You can use the following support guides from those third parties for instructions on how to do so:

If you have any questions on how to get the embed code, or are using a different third-party for hosting, please contact the video platform’s support team directly.

Once you have an embed code for your live stream, follow the below instructions to add the code to any of your course lectures.

  1. From your admin menu, select the course you would like to add the live stream to.
  2. Click Curriculum and select a lecture, or create a new lecture.
  3. Click the Add Custom Code tab, and paste the embed code into the box.add_custom_code_-_lecture.png
  4. Click the Add custom code button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

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