Add a Webinar or Live Video Stream

This article goes over adding a livestream or webinar to your course lectures as a way to interact live with students.


A livestream or webinar is a great way to directly engage your audience, give and receive real-time feedback, and provide a unique learning experience.
Teachable does not have a native way to add livestreams. However, you can embed a third-party livestream directly into your lecture area, for example:

You can use any livestreaming platform that allows you to embed a code snippet of the broadcast. Add the code snippet to the Add Code tab in the lecture editor.admin-course-curriculum-lecture-add-code.png

Add a YouTube Live Stream to a Lecture

For this example, we’ll be using YouTube Live.

  1. Create a YouTube account and verify it by providing your phone number.
  2. Enable live streaming on your YouTube account by clicking your icon in the upper right corner and choosing Creator Studio. click youtube creator studio button
  3. Click Live Streaming from the YouTube creator studio sidebar. live streaming
  4. To stream your first live video, download and set up your encoding software by visiting this website.
  5. Next, add a title and description, and choose a subject category from the dropdown list. Add a thumbnail to your video by clicking the Change Thumbnail button. live streaming basic info
  6. Before you start live streaming, embed the video inside your Teachable lecture by clicking View on watch page near the bottom right of the YouTube live stream page. view on watch page
  7. Below the video, click Share and then Embed. Copy your video’s embed code. embed code for live stream

    TIP: Change the size of your video player by clicking Show More and using the dropdown menu to choose the size.

  8. Now, head over to Teachable and log in to your Teachable school.
  9. Choose the course and lecture you’d like to add a live stream to.
  10. Click the Add Code tab inside the lecture.admin-course-curriculum-lecture-add-code.png
  11. Paste the video embed code into the code block and click Saveadmin-course-curriclum-lecture-add-code-live-stream-snippet.png
  12. Now, you can Preview the video to see what it looks like in your lecture. Click Publish when you’re ready to start setting up your live stream. publish lecture
  13. To start live streaming your first video, open the encoder you downloaded earlier. For this example, we’re using Wirecast Play.
  14. Click Record at the top of the Wirecast Play dashboard. wirecast play record
  15. Click Authenticate in the window that pops up. wirecast play authenticate
  16. Next, sign in with the Google account that is linked to your YouTube account. Click Allow. allow wirecast to access youtube account
  17. Once your account is authenticated in Wirecast Play, click OK.
  18. When you’re ready to go live, click Stream at the top of the Wirecast Play dashboard. Your live video will be streamed directly to YouTube and to the video player embedded in your Teachable lecture. wirecast play stream
  19. Click Stream again to stop the live stream.
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