Author Privileges

This article shows you how to edit author privileges so your authors can perform certain administrative functions.

Editing Schoolwide Author Privileges

When you make one of the changes described here, it will affect all authors in your school.

NOTE: Adjusting the settings in this section is available on the Professional plan and higher.

  1. Log in to your Teachable school.
  2. Click Settings in the admin sidebar.
  3. In the General tab, select Authorsauthors settings
  4. Toggle the buttons to permit authors to publish courses, email students, set course prices, create couponsimport students (Business only), edit their course's sales pages, and manage and issue course certificates.

NOTE: These privileges will apply universally to all authors. Setting privileges for each individual author is not available at this time.

Setting Individual Author Commissions

To set custom commissions for each individual author, follow these steps. You can adjust author commissions on all plans.

  1. Navigate to Users > Authors and select the author whose commission you would like to adjust.
  2. From their user page, select the Author tab on the sidebar.
  3. Under the Author Commission heading, you’ll be able to adjust the commission percentage that the author will receive for whatever associated course you select from the dropdown menu. This revenue share is applied after all fees (payment processing, Teachable fees and affiliate payouts) have been applied. For example, setting the revenue share to 50% would mean that you (the school owner) and the author will receive the same revenue for the course. author commission

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