Add an Enroll Button to Your Sales Page

This article goes over how the enrollment button behaves differently when multiple pricing plans are offered, coupons are applied, or the button text is customized.

Button Behavior for a Course With One Pricing Plan

If your course has a single pricing plan, the price of your course will display inside the enroll button on the sales page. The user will be forwarded directly to the checkout page when the button is clicked.


Button Behavior for a Course With Multiple Pricing Plans

If your course has two or more pricing plans, the enroll button cannot display a single course price. Instead of being forwarded immediately to checkout when the enroll button is clicked, the user is scrolled to the bottom of the page where all pricing plans are displayed. The user must then select an option and click the Enroll in Course button again to advance to the checkout page.

NOTE: For a course with multiple pricing plans, removing the Primary Enroll Button block from a sales page will also disable the enroll button located in the Course Hero Header block. This effectively disables all enroll buttons on your sales page, thus preventing students from being able to enroll in your course.


Button Behavior for a Course With a Coupon

When a user loads the sales page with a valid coupon code parameter in the URL, the enrollment button will reflect the discount.enroll_button_coupon.png

In the case of multiple pricing plans, the user will again be forwarded to the bottom of the page, where they will see their coupon applied to each pricing plan.

Change the Enroll Button Text

Changing the enroll button text is possible, but has a few consequences. If the text is changed, the button will:

  • Lose its ability to automatically display price
  • Lose its ability to automatically show applied coupon price

If you decide to change the text of your enroll button, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Teachable school.
  2. Select a Course, or click View All and then on the course.
  3. Click Sales Page
  4. Select Customize Enroll Button
  5. Enter your new Enroll Button Text and click Save
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