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Many instructors on Teachable already have existing sites by the time they decide to use Teachable to create online courses. Instead of requiring their students to navigate to two different sites, or remember a completely new URL, often these instructors are interested in finding a way to integrate their Teachable classes with their already existing site or URL. This article will address the most common approaches to complementing your site with Teachable without creating confusion for your students.


NOTE: We recommend against embedding your Teachable school in an iFrame, as that leads to a sub-optimal student experience. Teachable works best as a standalone destination, and an iFrame hinders this native experience for students.

Linking Teachable to Your Main Domain

One way to connect your current URL to your Teachable courses is to direct all traffic from your main domain to your Teachable site. You can do this by setting up a custom domain. Once you have set up a custom domain, when users put your current URL in their browser, they will automatically be directed to your Teachable course page.

This method is particularly effective if the main objective for your site is to host/promote courses. Some Teachable instructors using this approach include and Option Tiger.

If you connect your Teachable account in this way, you are able to keep your current URL while also taking full advantage of all that Teachable has to offer. For instance, you can add several customized pages to your Teachable site, including a homepage, an About Us page, and a blog. Furthermore, Teachable offers multiple ways to customize the look and feel of your website by adding your personal logo, background, typography, and colors.

Linking Teachable as a Subdomain

If you would prefer to keep your current site but easily link to your Teachable courses, you can do this by adding a custom subdomain. When using this method, you have the option to either customize your Teachable site to mirror your current site’s look and feel, or create a completely different look and feel for your Teachable subdomain.

To seamlessly link your site to your Teachable courses, you need to create a custom subdomain on your Teachable admin panel, create a link on your site to your Teachable courses, and create a link on your Teachable course(s) that links back to your site.

Creating a Link in WordPress

If you created your site using, it is a simple process to add a link to your Teachable courses.

  1. Log in to the dashboard of your WordPress site (wp-admin).
  2. Select the site you want to link to your Teachable courses.
  3. Click Appearance on the left navigation bar. appearance
  4. Choose Menus. menus
  5. Give your menu an appropriate name and click Create Menu. create menu
  6. Choose Custom Links from the left navigation. custom links
  7. Enter your Teachable URL and an appropriate name for your link (often “Courses” or similar). add custom link to menu
  8. Click Add to Menu.
  9. Now, if you have other items in your menu, you can change the placement by dragging your Teachable link above or below other items.
  10. Once you are happy with the link name and placement, click the Save Menu button. save menu

NOTE: You can add the link to your Header, Footer, or Primary Menu.

Customizing a Link in Teachable

After you have added your Teachable URL to your personal site, you may want to add a link on your Teachable site that enables users to return to your personal site.

  1. Log in to your Teachable account.
  2. Select Site on your admin sidebar.
  3. Click Navigation from the submenu. 
  4. Select Header or Footer, depending on where you want the link to be located.
  5. Click the Add Link button. add link to header
  6. Select the location (either Header or Footer) from the drop down menu. choose header or footer
  7. Enter an appropriate title for the link (e.g. Return to Homepage).
  8. Enter the URL for your personal site.
  9. [Optional] Click the toggle if you want to have the site open in a new tab.
  10. Select whether you want the link Visible To all users or only logged-in users.
  11. Click the Add Link button. add link to header

Now users on your Teachable school will be able to return to your site by clicking the link.

custom link


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