Does Teachable Market My Courses?

Because every school on Teachable is unique, we do not cross-sell courses.

Course marketplaces (e.g. Udemy) do cross-market courses to other students, sometimes from competing instructors in your area of expertise. This can actually have the effect of reducing business to your courses by sending users to another instructor’s site.

More than that, Teachable’s policy of non-cross-promotion provides a better experience for students because they won’t receive marketing emails for other courses. Only the instructor for the course they signed up for has the ability to contact them directly.

Our instructors have achieved incredible success without the need for a marketplace. With marketplaces, there often is a small spike in initial revenue with very few sales following afterwards. Our philosophy is to give you the technology, community and marketing support necessary to create a thriving online course business.

You do have options for arranging promotion opportunities on your own. Although we don't explicitly provide a course marketplace, some Teachable instructors partner with each other to cross-promote courses. To help facilitate this, we created a Facebook group for instructors: The Teachable Tribe. Here, you can get in touch with hundreds of instructors who may be interested in partnering with you.

Teachable’s pricing plan is set up so that our success is based directly on the success of our instructors. Because of this, we are happy to provide and maintain all the tools you need to run a successful marketing program. On the Basic plan and above, we offer:

  • A built-in affiliate program that allows you to have others sell courses for you.
  • Distinct logins for authors and ability to set a custom revenue share for each author assigned to a course.
  • Extensions with third-parties for email marketing, marketing automation, and more.
  • The ability to email students directly from your school.

For more about the features that come with Teachable, see here.

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