Payment Options for Students

This article covers payment options for students and the different pay structures you can set up when getting ready to sell your course.


Students have two payment options when it comes to purchasing courses on Teachable: paying with a credit card or with their PayPal account. These payment options are available to students when a school owner has either payment gateway options set up. To keep confidential information secure, checkout pages on Teachable are protected with SSL.

For more details on how course checkout works on Teachable, take a look at our articles on the Checkout Page and the Enroll Button.

Paying With a Credit Card

When a student makes a purchase through our native credit card form, their transaction is processed via Stripe. Stripe is a secure payment gateway used to process billions of dollars in payments each year for companies like Kickstarter, Twitter, Instacart, and Lyft.

Students can choose to purchase with a credit card by selecting the Credit Card tab when entering their payment details on the checkout page:


Paying with PayPal

Alternatively, students can to purchase a course with PayPal by selecting the PayPal tab when entering their payment details on the checkout page:


NOTE: Students won’t be able to purchase a course via PayPal for any kind of recurring pricing plan, like an ongoing subscription or payment plan. PayPal will also not display as a payment option for students if the course is priced in a currency other than USD.


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