MailChimp and Teachable

This article goes over integrating MailChimp with your Teachable school.


MailChimp is an email marketing tool that allows you to build and manage large email lists. Teachable already includes an email client that allows you to send one-time emails to your entire group of students or a smaller, targeted subset, but you may want to use MailChimp to:

  • Set up automatic emails
  • Make sure students who sign up for your school are added to your email list
  • Monitor and track email performance
  • And more

Integrate MailChimp With Your School

  1. Log in to your Teachable school and select Settings at the bottom of the admin sidebar.
  2. Click Integrations from the submenu. 
  3. Scroll down and find MailChimp in the list of integrations. Click the checkbox to enable MailChimp in your Teachable school. 
  4. Once you’ve enabled MailChimp, you’ll see two empty text fields asking for a MailChimp API Key and a MailChimp List ID. To find those, open up a new window and log in to your MailChimp account.
  5. Click the dropdown arrow next to your username in the upper right corner of your MailChimp dashboard. click username in mailchimp
  6. Select Account from the dropdown list. mailchimp account
  7. Click Extrasmailchimp extras
  8. Choose API keys from the dropdown list. mailchimp api keys
  9. Generate an API key to use on your Teachable page by clicking the Create a Key button. create api key
  10. Scroll down and copy the API key that appears under the Your API keys heading. copy api key
  11. Go back to your Teachable school and paste the API key into the MailChimp API Key text field. 
  12. To find your MailChimp List ID, travel back to your MailChimp dashboard and click Lists in the top navigation bar. mailchimp lists
  13. Choose the list that you want to subscribe your students to. (To learn how to make a list, visit this website). select mailchimp list
  14. Select Settings and click List name and defaults from the dropdown menu. mailchimp list name and defaults
  15. Copy the List ID that appears in red. copy list id
  16. Return to your Teachable window and paste the ID into the MailChimp List ID text field. 
  17. Click the Save button in the upper right corner. save mailchimp integration

Once the integration has been setup, every student who registers for your Teachable school will also be added to your Mailchimp. However, if a student opts out of your marketing emails upon registration, they will not be added to your Mailchimp list.


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