Modify Your School Theme


Your site theme dictates the look and style of your school. This article shows you how to customize the logo, background, typography, and colors of your school’s overall theme.

Customize Your Logo and Branding

Your site logo & branding, thumbnail, and A favicon is a small image or icon that displays in your site's browser tab.favicon  can all be uploaded in the top section of your Site > Theme menu. Additionally, for school’s on the Pro plan and up, you can remove Teachable branding from your school.

To upload an image, click the Upload button and select an image file from your computer. To replace an existing image, click Replace. To remove an image, click Remove


Site Logo:

One of the most effective ways you can create a brand for your school is by adding a logo. The logo appears in the top left of all the pages in your school. When users click on your logo, they will be brought to your school homepage.


The recommended size for your site logo image is 250 x 60 pixels (JPG or PNG).


Your favicon is the small image that displays in your site’s browser tab.


The recommended size for your favicon image is 32 x 32 pixels (JPG or PNG).

School Thumbnail:

The school thumbnail image is the image used to represent your school in the Teachable Accounts dashboard for both you and your students. 


The recommended size for your school thumbnail image is 960 x 540pixels (JPG or PNG).

Teachable Branding:

For schools on the Pro plan and up, you can remove Teachable’s branding from most site pages by turning off the Remove Teachable Branding toggle. While most Teachable branding will be removed by turning this toggle off (logos, etc), the word ‘Teachable’ will still appear in a few places:

TIP: To remove “Teachable” from your school’s domain (e.g., set up your own custom domain.

Customize Your Font

You can customize the font family that is used across your entire school. Teachable supports the following fonts:

  • Proxima Nova (Default)
  • Alegreya Sans
  • Arial
  • Helvetica
  • Lato
  • Lucida Sans
  • Merriweather
  • Opens Sans
  • Palatino
  • Raleway
  • Source Sans Pro

If you wish to use a font that is not supported by Teachable, you may be able to add the font using code snippets and custom CSSHowever, please note custom code is an advanced option. Our Customer Support team does not troubleshoot custom code issues.

Customize Your Theme Colors

The color scheme of your entire school is customized in the Color Palette section.

With the Preset options, you can choose from one of our pre-designed palettes or customize one to your own branding colors. Note that only one custom palette can be created at a time.

TIP: Teachable uses hex code for color picking. If your brand colors are in another code type (RGB, HSL, CMYK, etc), try using a color converter tool to find the hex value.


Each category controls the colors of different elements across your school. For troubleshooting tips on working with theme colors, please refer to this Knowledge Base article

NOTE: In Page Editor 2.0, the colors set in Site > Theme can be overridden by colors selected directly within the page editor, including content copied and pasted from outside sources. Each block in Page Editor 2.0 has a Design tab where you can choose color settings on a block-by-block basis. Read more about customizing content with Page Editor 2.0.

Nav Bar & Footer Background

Sets the background color of the school navigation bar, footer, and email header.

Navigation Bar Links 

Sets the color of links within the school navigation bar. There are two fields available for this category. The first field sets the font color of links when the navigation bar is fixed at the top of the page, and the second field sets the font color of links when the navigation bar is scrolling.


TIP: On each page, you can set your navigation bar to be transparent or solid. This can be set in the Page Settings of each page. (You can learn more about page settings for Page Editor 1.0 here, and Page Editor 2.0 here).

Buttons & Links 

Sets the color of buttons and links across your school. This also sets the color of course prices and progress bars within the course box.



Sets the color of heading text across your school. This includes course and lecture titles in the student curriculum view and product titles within the course or coaching box.


Homepage Heading & Subtitle

Sets the font color of the heading and subtitle text on the homepage hero header block. This field is only applicable to schools with a homepage created on Page Editor 1.0.

Course Page Heading & Subtitle

Sets the font color of the heading and subtitle text on the course hero header block on course sales pages. This field is only applicable to schools with a sales page created on Page Editor 1.0.  

Body Text

Sets the font color of body text across your pages and products. This also sets the color of lecture titles in the course curriculum block, course subtitles within the course box, and checkout page testimonials.


Video Player

NOTE: At this time, edits made to your school’s theme do not affect the video player. Visual updates to the video player require custom code or use of the Power Editor.

Sets the color of the video player for videos uploaded into course lectures.

Frequently asked questions

Why are my theme colors not updating on my pages?

When you update any colors from the Site > Theme menu, the new colors should display in your school within a few minutes.

If colors are not updating as expected, it is possible there is a caching error. To resolve this, save your Site > Theme color(s) to black (#000000), and then back to your desired colors.


If you are using Page Editor 2.0, some theme colors can be overridden directly on the page editor. Each block in Page Editor 2.0 has a Design tab where you can choose color settings on a block-by-block basis. If your site colors are not the options you selected from Site > Theme, it is possible that you have overridden those colors on your page editor.


NOTE: If you copy and paste text from other sources into Teachable, it is possible that you will bring over color formatting from your original source. We recommend pasting your content into Teachable without formatting, or typing your content directly into Teachable.

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