Email History

This article shows how you can view and analyze your email history.

View Email History

To see a list of all the emails you’ve sent to your users in the past, select Emails from the admin sidebar. Then, go to the History tab.


Understanding Email History

Inside your email history, you can sort sent messages based on type. You can also filter results for a specific recipient by using their name or email address. For custom and drip emails, you'll see the following information:


  • Sent - the date the email was sent
  • Subject - the subject of the email that was sent
  • Recipients - number of users to which the email was sent
  • Opened - the percentage of recipients that opened the email 
  • Clicked - the percentage of recipients that clicked one or more links within the email
  • Bounce - the percentage of recipients for which the email could not be delivered

You can also click the View Email button to open up a preview of the email that was sent. Clicking the Refresh icon will update your email’s statistics with the most recent data.


For any other emails, you'll see the specific time an email was sent, delivered, opened, or bounced.


This is helpful for your own records as a school owner. You can easily see which students received what email messages, and when by searching for a specific student email address in the Filter by Recipient field.. This can help you avoid sending duplicate information to the same student, etc.

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